Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Ignores Dead Pixel Defect Claims

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 09, 2017 08:14 PM EST

While most of the Nintendo Switch news are mostly positive, it appears the new game system has already earned some negative publicity due to Nintendo's response to consumer complaints. It appears that some Switch owners who complained about their units having dead pixels are being pushed back by the manufacturer. According to the company's official FAQ for the Switch, it explains that "small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LED screens".

The company apparently considers the particular display problem as "normal" and informs the consumers that it "should not be considered a defect". It has been reported since last week during it official launch that a lot of customers from different parts of the world have voiced out their complaints about the supposed screen defects. Reports have confirmed that some of these dots have appears near the edges of the display, which is not that noticeable, while others are located in the middle of the screen, says Game Rant.

Some sources have confirmed that the dead pixels are not really a deal-breaker for some buyers, while some consumers obviously expect the Nintendo Switch to be perfect. It's also understandable why these people feel cheated, since some of them spend their hard-earned money and expected top-shelf quality from Nintendo. Instead, a number of buyers have already began reporting different problems ranging from sync issues, scratched screens, bricked consoles with the blue screen of death and other issues like the missing file transfer option or the absence of the Virtual Console.

The most notable issue about the Switch has been the reports of controller sync issues, especially with the left Joy-Con. Gamenguide has an article that explores the possible reasons for its signal loss and erratic behavior during play. It appears that a YouTube user was able to open up the controllers and verify that it is most likely a manufacturing mistake that causes the left controller to malfunction on some occasions.

It continues to be a customer service nightmare for Nintendo Switch owners who have encountered dead pixels on their consoles. The official communication from Nintendo has refused to consider the stuck pixels as a defect, which has left buyers confused. The Nintendo DS reportedly encountered a similar scenario during its launch, wherein the company did not offer any replacements.

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