'Overwatch' Hero Orisa: 24th Hero's Background Story Revealed; Bew Damage Reduction Now 70 Percent

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 15, 2017 04:47 AM EDT

"Overwatch" developers have already introduced the 24th Omnic hero to the game and named her Orisa. It should be noted that the all new "Overwatch" hero is a creation of the genius girl child Efi Odele who comes from the city of Numbani. Previously, the developers revealed that the next "Overwatch" hero would be a creation of Efi.

New Overwatch Hero Means Efi Did Not Give Up On Omnic Protectors

In a separate developer update, the game director Jeff Kaplan revealed the different aspects of Orisa from lore to mechanics, Kotaku reported. It has been revealed that the newest "Overwatch" hero was born from the OR-15 units that the citizens of Numbani used to keep the peace against Doomfist. Apparently, Doomfist triumphed over Numbani in a horrific attack on the Numbani Airport.

Apparently, Efi did not give up on her Omnic protectors when others did. She took the pieces back to her workshop and worked on the newest "Overwatch" hero. It should be noted that Orisa is a single heroic unit that was not meant to be a part of a huge battalion supposed to be a specific individual hero. Apparently, Efi is further encouraging her to be the new hero of the future.

Bastion Receives Buffs

Meanwhile, the "Overwatch" PTR has already seen players road test various changes to the game including a few buffs to Bastion. Gamers took to forums and Reddit to complain about the buffs as well as the patch in general. Apparently, Bastion's interaction with other Heroes also faced criticism.

"Overwatch" damage reduction is now capped at 70 percent. This is expected to pose a significant challenged for the enemy team coming up against the competent Bastion. In the meantime, the changes to Mercy is said to exacerbate the issue when attempting to bring Bastion down as well as his babysitter down, VG247 reported. Check out more about Orisa below:


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