‘Final Fantasy 15’: Real-Life Characters, Locations In The Works; 12 Languages To Roll-Out

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 10, 2017 10:29 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" director and lead writer Dan Inoue presented the game at the Game Developers Conference held recently and revealed more about the multi-year process behind developing the world and characters of "Final Fantasy 15". Inoue-san further noted that the game is being brought to gamers in 12 languages simultaneously. It has been revealed that both the regions and the characters in "Final Fantasy 15" were inspired by the real world.

Square Enix Team From All Over The World Helped Develop "Final Fantasy 15"

For the international launch, Inoue and his team at Square Enix had to work closely with other Square Enix employees from all over the world. "Final Fantasy 15" has been revealed as a fantasy game based on reality. The game features four separate regions based on real-world locales. For instance, Altissia is said to be a reimagined Venice. Moreover, the crown city of Insomnia is a metropolis blending elements of New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, Polygon reported.

As for the characters, while Inoue normally avoids basing characters on real people, he opted to give them their own story arcs and lifetime arcs in "Final Fantasy 15." Apparently, Inoue broke his rules with the game's protagonist, Prince Noctis. It was revealed that Inoue found inspiration in the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Inoue revealed that he opted to avoid creating a generic emo RPG lead by developing a rockstar who spurns the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is yet to reveal a PC release for "Final Fantasy 15". However, the development team has indicated that it has played around with the platform, Gamespot reported. Apparently, Square Enix has been working with NVIDIA on the latest version of the game's engine, Luminous Studio Pro.

"Final Fantasy 15" related video has been shared featuring a discussion at the Game Developers Conference held recently. A tech demo was revealed showing the possibilities of a PC launch. The demo featured improved visuals and features unseen in the console version such as a monster truck version of the Regalia and a battle in Lestallum. Listen to Hajime Tabata at the GDC 2017 below:


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