‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ News: No More Cloud Meeting Aeris, Only Strategic Battle

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 13, 2017 09:07 AM EDT

Finally, after waiting for a long time, "Final Fantasy VII Remake" game director Tetsuya Nomura opened up a bit and provided gameplay details for the upcoming game.  Nomura was also kind enough to let the fans know that the remake of the 1997 game will be more action oriented than the old version.

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Allow Players To Switch To Barret Even In  Middle Of Fight

The game director provided information for the game's screenshots that was released during the MAGIC 2017 game conference in. This was explained by Nomura in the Japanese game magazine, Famitsu, highlighting the Guard Scorpion battle that follows shortly after the Mako Reactor raid.  Players can switch to the character of Barret if they find that Cloud's sword will be of no use, WWG reports.

So instead of the scene of Cloud meeting Aeris from the original game, it was replaced by the strategic battle. And to make it more flashy than the old version, "Final Fantasy VII Remake" will also include missiles that explains the inclusion of it on the gameplay screenshot. Nomura also generously added that object destruction is also a part of the remake game.

Gamers can also relax a little bit since the famed game director confirmed the existence of Materia that will now play a vital role during combat.  Although not much detail was provided during the interview, Nomura stated that the revamped Materia will now act like a skill that can be utilized during battles.

"Timeless Legacy Trailer" To Bring Back Good Old Memories Of The Game

Meanwhile, as part of the 30th year celebration of the game series, Square Enix has released a new trailer video that showcases all the memorable things that all the released "Final Fantasy" games has imparted to its fans.  The "Timeless Legacy Trailer" is a trip down the memory lane that could leave some hard core game fans teary eyed, reported Siliconera.

"Final Fantasy" series currently includes 14 major sequels and numerous spinoff games. Overall, more than 130 million combined game copies have been sold for the past 30 years and will definitely not stop there since "Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age," "Final Fantasy XV DLC" and "Final Fantasy XII Remake" are all scheduled to be released this year. Watch the "Final Fantasy" 30th  anniversary "Timeless Legacy Trailer" here:


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