Recommended Games For The Nintendo Switch?

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 14, 2017 10:17 AM EDT

The long wait for the release of Nintendo ‘Switch’ is finally over. Now gamers can get their consoles and use them for as long as the diodes inside hold up. Even though the catalogue of 12 games is not that impressive, $60 is still a considerable investment and here are some of the titles everyone should try on the new console.

GameRant adds the first entry of games worth trying. The name is “I am Setsuna”. The game is a throwback to the golden age era of SNES titles. It offers an astounding campaign filled with lore and interesting characters. Staying true to JRPG heritage, the game offers amazing visual effects, stunning musical score, and classic gameplay which resembles popular titles of the past like “Final Fantasy” and “Chrono Trigger”, but still manages to have its own unique visuals and spirit.

The second recommendation comes from BGR and is a game, which has captivated the hearts of millions all over the world. That is, of course, shovel knight. The great adventure of a knight and his shovel placed against all odds and the world. Defeat giant contraptions, little minions and all those pesky side scrolling jumps that kill you from a single fall. Those who remember the old days will drown in the nostalgia which the pixelated graphic and simplified gameplay carry, while the newer generations will have something new to experience. This is a game for old and young, casuals and hardcore players, for day and night. It is one of the must have purchases for Nintendo “Switch” owners.

Last in the list is the most obvious choice. No other than Nintendo’s most prized possession, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. The title is a perfect mix between adventure, exploration and amazing story. It has managed to score 10/10 on various different critics’ scores and it is completely deserved. The game offers amazing visual style, a giant open world and additional goodies through amiibo statuettes. It is the main seller of the “Switch” console and one of the most exciting titles to be released this year. Nintendo “Switch” is available for purchase through the big game retailers.

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