Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Can Now Be Used On NES Classic Edition; Bundle Deals Offered

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:41 AM EDT

NES Classic Edition users may now use the recently launch Joy-Con controllers that are often paired with the Nintendo Switch. It should be noted that a small, inexpensive adaptor is needed for the controllers to work with the console. Furthermore, stocks of the NES Classic Edition will be limited to Amazon Prime subscribers for now.

Adaptor For Nintendo Switch Controllers On NES Classic Costs Under $20

Recently, 8bitdo, the company behind the retro receiver wireless adaptors for retro gaming consoles revealed a firmware update for the NES Classic version of the adaptor adding support for Nintendo Switch controllers, The Verge reported. On that note, gamers may be able to play any of the 30 games on the console using the Switch Pro controller. Take note that the adaptor currently costs $16.99.

In addition, NES Classic users may also opt to buy a bundle with the NES-like NES30 controller for $39.99. It should be noted that the Joy-Con controllers do not feature a directional pad and curious button layout.

Hence, it may not be the ideal way to play 8-bit games. On the contrary, the firmware update provides another option when using the NES Classic wirelessly or simply for testing out how Joy-Con controllers will work when the Nintendo Switch gets classic games via the virtual console service.

Resellers Sell NES Classic At Post Holiday Prices

Meanwhile, with the Nintendo Switch's launch last week, the supply for the Nintendo NES Classic is at its low. Apparently, the company now has both consoles high in demand but short in supply. Moreover, due to the shortness of supply, reseller prices for the NES Classic continue to climb starting at $178 to $190, i4u reported.

NES Classic Edition however, continues to be offered in select cities by Amazon Prime. The most recent cities where the NES Classic was spotted was in New York at noon of March 11. Previously the NES Classic was also spotted in Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas.  Watch more about Joy Con controllers below:


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