‘Shadow Of War’ Sequel: Largest Skill Tree Ever!

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 15, 2017 11:48 PM EDT

"Shadow of War" sequel was last week's highlight, as the fans were given a glimpse of the new title's gameplay. The game received huge improvement, including other features.

"Shadow of War" Skills, Bigger Open World And Other Details Revealed In Livestream

In the recent "Shadow of War" livestream presented by Monolith Productions, the developer announced that the game comes with a larger skill tree compared to the original title. According to reports, 100 skills are expected to be developed in the second game, and will all these skills, the players will be allowed to choose the ones they need, based on their manner of playing.

"Shadow of War" players, meantime, do not often see the characters from the work of Tolkien, except for Gollum. Now, things will be different as more characters from "Lord of the Rings" will be seen in the game, and some are expected to be fought as a boss, including Sauron.

In "Shadow of War" sequel, the explorable world will notably be larger than the first game. Every fort will have an open-world area, which means the players will have several places to explore. In addition, it was also revealed that Talion can now use the siege weapons when attacking the fortresses, although it is still unclear what the siege weapons will be, rams, ballistas and catapults are among those likely included, The Bit Bag reported.

"Shadow of War" Fans Grieve Over Death Of Az-Laar the Demolisher

"Shadow of War" fans are grieving over the passing of Az-Laar The Demolisher, who briefly appeared in a recent footage. According to reports, some YouTube users have started uploading their own Az-Laar tributes to showcase the best moments of the great warrior's short life before being cut down in a pouring oil and fire, Digital Trends reported.

Watch "Shadow of War" Gameplay Trailer here:

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