Hyrbrid Roles: How 'Overwatch' Redefined The Tank Class

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 15, 2017 10:09 PM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment obviously prides itself with its original character designs and supporting lore. The different games showcased different heroes that reportedly capture the imagination of their fans. Gamers have noted that the developer creates characters that give them a personal experience that they can relate with. Meanwhile, with "Overwatch", the developer has apparently created tank heroes and made them look and play well.

According to Gamesradar+, gamers have always viewed characters that belong to the said class as movement-impaired and can take a beating. Moreover, gamers supposedly picture them as bulky and heavy characters that absorb most of the damage dealt by enemies. Compared to damage-dealing classes, they are less than ideal for most players due to its challenges.

Players who use the tank class are usually prepared for challenges and high pressure from their teammates. It has been observed during gameplay that the user's performance during multiplayer encounters can determine success or failure. Gamers obviously cannot deny the importance of healers in "Overwatch", but the team composition is observably better when a tank player does their job well.

Compared to other games where the players really have to stick to their specific role, the team-based shooter does not fully enforce each hero's function. Reviewers have noted that the reason why the game works due to the lesser pressure on the player. The characters that make up the roster for that specific role are supposedly a hybrid class. For example, Reinhardt and Orisa are what the developers call as anchors.

A character guide from Gamenguide details how players should approach Orisa. She is classified by the "Overwatch" developers as an anchor tank that offers a defense, decent range and support abilities to help her teammates. Her role is obviously an example why players consider Blizzard Entertainment's FPS as very accessible. Players are exposed to different classes through its hybrid heroes, which helps them adapt to different play styles.

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