'Overwatch' Gamer's Guide To Play Orisa

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 06, 2017 03:55 AM EST

After a lengthy tease and hints about Doomfist and another character called Efi Oladele, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its 24th hero that will join the ranks in "Overwatch" called Orisa. The robot is reportedly third hero added to the game after its launch in May 2016. The character is apparently classified as a tank hero and described by Jeff Kaplan as the "central anchor of her team."

The character has not been officially added to the roster in the game, but it is available for players to try out in the game's Public Test Region (PTR). Several players have already started to come up with strategies related to the hero's abilities and stats. The guide will detail some of the robot's weapons and skillset, along with their functions and ideal usage says Game Rant.

Fusion Driver

Blizzard Entertainment has apparently designed Orisa to be capable of both defense and offense. It is equipped with a mid-range primary automatic weapon with around 200 rounds of ammunition. However, the weapon reportedly has a long reload time and slows down the hero while in use.

Protective Barrier

For its defensive performance, the robot only has 400 health points with 200 allocated for armor, reports PVP Live. Her barrier functions much like Reinhardt's shield and is shot out like a bullet and creates a force field, which only around 900 hit points. Several users have apparently noted that it recharges rather quick to allow an almost continuous output of barriers during a match.


Her secondary fire seems to function a little like Zarya's Ultimate attack, which pulls enemies into a ball. Her ability shoots a charge that can be triggered to pull opponents from corners as well as drop enemy players from ledges or into environmental hazards. The ability requires a short eight-second cooldown.


This ability gives the hero a 50-percent damage reduction with a 10-second cooldown in between uses. Moreover, it also makes the character invulnerable to most special attacks, which cause status effects.


Her ultimate skill allows her to boost all allies in the team. It works just like Mercy's staff and its support beams which increase damage. It stays active for around 15 seconds and increases weapon damage by 50% for allies nearby. Players should understand that the enemy can shoot down the supercharger with its 200 health.


According to most Overwatch players, Orisa is suited to stay on control points and payloads. It seems Blizzard Entertainment intentionally kept her hit points lower, in order for it to rely on teammates for protection against flanking opponents. The hero can also reportedly deal with most threats including airborne enemies.

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