‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Guide: Where To Find The Best Sniper Rifle Early In The Game

By Allan , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:55 PM EDT

One of the most useful weapons in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” is the sniper rifle. It allows the player to kill from afar giving them a good advantage in the game. Although the player gets a sniper and a scope at the start of the game, it doesn’t really perform well so many players ought to use a different weapon.

The good news is a player can actually get one of the best sniper rifles and scope early in the game and this guide will help them find it. The quest to get it is not really easy as it requires a lot of patience and using a helicopter according to Primagames. However, once the weapon is acquired, it is all worth it as players venture to the hardest mission in the game.

How to Get the Best Sniper Rifle Early in the Game

As soon as the player is ready to look for the sniper rifle and scope in the game, all they need to do is look for a helicopter. There are many helicopters scattered in the game so all the player has to do is choose one and use it. Players need to fly to Monte Puncu which is located on the northeastern side of the map according to Shack. Some players may not have a map at this point but don’t worry finding the place shouldn’t be too hard. As soon as players find the area, they should be able to get the L115A3 Sniper Rifle.

How to Get the Best Sniper Scope Early in the Game

Next on the list is the sniper scope which is the Digital Scope. It's not the best one available in the game but this is probably the easiest one to get early in the game. When players have enough gun power, they can opt for better scopes by exploring more areas on the map. Until then, the Digital Scope is their best bet in finishing missions in the game. This scope is also located in the same area but somewhere on its southern side.

There is another scope that players can consider to get early in the game. This is a good alternative especially if the Digital Scope is not useful for them. The quest to get it is a bit more challenging but should be manageable when equipped with the L115A3 and Digital Scope. It's located in the Koani province but players can only get there from Itacua province.

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