'Overwatch': Blizzard Entertainment Talks About A Nintendo Switch Version

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 16, 2017 05:37 AM EDT

Early March, "Overwatch" players were thrown a surprise by Blizzard Entertainment as they revealed the game's 24th hero Orisa. The developer followed up recently with a video trailer that showcased the new character's development and her official release date. However, it seems that the development team has more information to share about the popular shooter. Reports mention that Jeff Kaplan held a surprise Reddit AMA, where a fan asked about a possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

Players noted that the game director was very open with his answers to their queries and eventually encountered a user who asked about the possibility of Switch version of the game. According to Game Rant's report, he didn't outright deny the possibility of the game being on the Nintendo game system but claimed it might be a challenging endeavor.

Jeff Kaplan's Reddit AMA apparently got a favorable reaction from a lot of "Overwatch" fans as they expressed their interest in playing the game on the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps it's the tempting idea of being able to play the team-based shooter on a portable console that makes it attractive to fans. It seems that gamers have already embraced the possibility that the game might be more expensive on the hybrid game system compared to other platforms.

Moreover, Kaplan also hinted that the developer is very much interested in expanding its reach to every available game platform in the market. He also expressed his love for the latest Nintendo console. "I'm loving the Switch! My second favorite gaming platform is the 3DS," says the game director. He also added that "getting OW on the Switch is very challenging for us." However, he claims that his development team is "always open minded about exploring possible platforms."

Gamenguide recently published an article that detailed more information about Jeff Kaplan's praise for the Nintendo Switch. It seems that the "Overwatch" game director loves to play "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", which He even called a "masterpiece." Fans are hopefully speculating that Kaplan's love of the new game system will push the possibility of a port of the highly-acclaimed shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.

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