The ‘Sims 4’ DLC Update: New Expansion Teases Surprising Changes, Game Faces Competition; What We Know So Far

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 16, 2017 04:08 AM EDT

The latest DLC of the "Sims 4" features surprising changes and upgrades. Reports of new characters being added are on the rise as well.

It has been relayed the new expansion would bring on board a star of its own. To prove the latter, a former post from Telegiz stated that the Pet Expansion Pack has been hinted to return to the "Sims 4" based on the game codes uncovered by data miners a few weeks ago and that the game's rumored DLC will feature British pop sensation Leona Lewis.

According to the same report, it sounds plausible that one of her songs will be recorded for the Pets DLC, which was hinted from the datamined codes hidden by the "Sims" Team in the game file, but Maxis or EA has yet to validate this speculation and simmers can hope that this will happen sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, iDigital Times reported of some issues being linked to the "Sims 4." It appears that Project Vie, a self-proclaimed "Sims 4" competitor who nobody has been able to get a hold of IRL, is expected to make an official announcement giving more information about their alleged life simulation game at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).

However, the truth about Project Vie may have already come out and multiple "Sims 4" players and reddit users claim Project Vie, who recently changed their Twitter handle to Play Vie, is a salty banned forum user looking to hoax the community, according to the same report.

For the gaming enthusiasts, everything remains uncertain and the issues pertaining to its competition Project Vie, should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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