'Dark Souls III' Completed With Donkey Kong Bongos

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 16, 2017 06:57 AM EDT

Gamers are well aware that the "Dark Souls" series are incredibly difficult. Much like the first two games, "Dark Souls III" continues the brutal difficulty especially with the last boss Soul of Cinder. But it seems some fans find the game too easy and attempt to find ways to up the challenge a little more hardcore. A Twitch and YouTube user named ATwerkingYoshi appears to be one of those gamers as he recently defeated the last boss using "Donkey Kong" Bongo controllers only.

The user reportedly shared his achievement through a video upload to YouTube earlier this week. Game Rant notes that his controller setup assigns two controllers for movement and the other two for dodge and attacks. The entire boss fight took him a total of 8 minutes with some really close calls. He observably kept his distance from the boss most of the time and only attacked when the opportunity presented itself.

Fans also noticed that his "Dark Souls III" run using the "Donkey Kong" bongos did not always go his way. His uploaded video also indicates the number of times he has died during his attempt. However, ATwerkingYoshi never died during the last boss fight, but he also mentioned that he had a hard time with the encounter with Lorain Twin Princes due to the lack of camera controls. He said, "it was tough to keep track of his teleportation without any camera controls."

Last year, Gamespot reported that a player finished the game using only his feet. YouTube user Celesterian Games shared a video of him as he defeated all of the game's challenges while his feet managed the controls. It has also noted that hardcore "Dark Souls" players discover creative ways to increase the challenge. There were reports of a gamer who completed the game without leveling up, rolling or even blocking.

ATwerkingYoshi revealed that his "Donkey Kong" bongo run with "Dark Souls III" was inspired by other gamers who use different controllers. He claims that he is still coming up with new ways to tackle the difficult game. He even hinted a possible attempt to clear the game with a Wii-mote steering wheel in the future.

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