‘Overwatch’ XP Farming Can Get Players Banned; Escalation Plan Deals With Skirmish Mode Without XP, AFK Timer

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:18 AM EDT

"Overwatch" players are currently using the custom game server browser in order to farm XP. However, Blizzard is reported to be unhappy about the news that the game developer has decided to take disciplinary action against those who join this practice.

"Overwatch" Team Creates Escalation Plan

In "Overwatch," custom games found through the browser could give reward experience when players finish a mission chosen. Based on reports, some players are now setting up skirmish games where they can safely AFK and get all the experience once the timer runs down. But according to Blizzard, this practice is a grey area, prompting the developer to address the issue by taking disciplinary action action those who participate in the said practice.

Through the Overwatch Forum, Kaplan made this announcement, citing that creating a Custom Game motivates players to get experience while inactive will get them banned. He further mentioned that participating in any game mode, including the Custom Games, will risk having their accounts banned.

Overwatch Team, meantime, has reportedly come up with an "escalation plan," which was aimed at having a custom skirmish mode that deals with no experience during the game, and also implementing an AFK timer. However, if players fail to improve, the experience gained in the custom games will be turned off altogether, Mashable reported.

"Overwatch" Bug Allows Reinhardt To Bring Enemies Home

Reindhardt, the "Overwatch" knight in a bulletproof armor was recently discovered to have his Charge ability doing a lot more than just send the players off, given the exact timing. In fact, reports suggest that this does not seem to be a one-time incident, since a Battlenet player has reported a few days ago about an almost similar set of circumstances. Unfortunately, this incident was initially overlooked, and Blizzard has yet to offer and explanation for this, PVP Live reported. Learn about  "Overwatch" Farm Exploit, Farm Loot Boxes here:


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