‘Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X’ Update: ’Union X’ Features Team Mission For Hordes Hunting

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 11:33 PM EDT

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" mobile role-playing game will soon change its name to 'Union X."  This will happen once the planned huge update happens next month.

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" Relaunch

Game developers Square Enix and Disney Interactive have decided to relaunch the highly-acclaimed game and give it a new name.  The update will not only change the game's name, but will also include the  highly requested multiplayer mode that will be called the "Union Cross."  This will allow up to six players, via a matchmaking feature,  go on a team mission to haunt hordes of Heartless creatures and powerful bosses, MMOS reported.

The relaunch of "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" will provide additional high-difficulty level quests and missions.  Team members will be able to communicate better via the newly added emotes and text bubbles, as well as more customization options for the player's avatar.  A new Theater Mode will let the gamers re-watch the unlocked cutscenes of the game.

The developers will be rolling out the huge update to registered players first before the general public.  Thus, one is required to pre-register on the game's website if they want to be the first ones to receive it.  To entice the gamers, the studio is offering several in-game bonuses and free mobile device wallpapers for those who will sign up.

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" Anniversary

Game fans who have attended the PAX East 2017 event were given the chance to try the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained  X' update for themselves at the Square Enix booth, IGN added. Other reports mentioned that the game is also celebrating its first year anniversary of the app release and in-game bonuses will be given to those who will login after the update rolls out.

The events in the "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" happened before the legendary Keyblade War, which is more than a hundred years earlier. The title also refers to the legendary X-blade, which is the center of the game series.

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" is a free-to-download and free-to-play game for Android and iOS devices.  Watch the 'Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] teaser trailer here:


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