Nintendo Switch On Track To Possibly Beat Nintendo Wii Sales, Says Gamestop

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 21, 2017 07:35 AM EDT

A few weeks after its official launch, the Nintendo Switch continues to sell out most of it restocks. Retailers are reportedly having a challenging time keeping the console on their shelves due to its continued demand. As a matter of fact, Gamestop has recognized that the sales of the console continue to do well. Meanwhile, Eric Bright, the retailer's senior director of merchandising, estimates that the Switch will eventually outpace the Nintendo Wii in sales.

According to the Gamestop merchandising executive, the great sales performance of the Nintendo Switch makes it a "transformational piece of technology." During his interview with Game Rant, Bright noted that the hybrid game system could eventually outpace the Nintendo Wii, which has already sold over a 100 million consoles globally.

"The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now" that could "possibly eclipse" the Nintendo Wii, says Bright. Gamestop notes that its preliminary sales "have been phenomenal," but they can't share the exact numbers currently. However, the retailer also shares that the console has "one of the highest attach rates" that they have observed for a while now.

Despite the reported success of the Nintendo Switch sales, it seems that there are still some challenges before it surpasses the Nintendo Wii. Analysts have conducted a survey to verify how many people know about the new console. Results also apparently show that only a few people who knew about the game system intend to purchase one in the future. However, it seems that Gamestop continues to be optimistic about its sales numbers.

Gamestop has also revealed that the demand for Nintendo Switch accessories has also increased. Nintendo has predicted that it will sell around 40 million units in the next four years, which is a far cry from the Nintendo Wii's sales number. Perhaps the myriad of reported issues is also affecting its sales. In recent news, it has been speculated that the company will address the save file problem with a possible cloud save function in a future update, say Gamenguide.

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