'For Honor': Total Cost To Unlock All In-Game Items

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 23, 2017 12:56 AM EDT

Gamers who have played "For Honor" have most likely noticed Ubisoft's aggressive marketing of its micro-transactions. Reports have also indicated that the developer has applied that same approach with their "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige" game. Now, their latest medieval combat game has embraced the in-game marketplace. Some fans aim to unlock all the available items for their characters, but it seems the total cost would be surprising for most gamers.

A gamer reportedly calculated the total amount "For Honor" players will spend to purchase all the marketplace items would amount a substantial $732 USD. The player, who goes by his Reddit handle bystander007, estimated the total cost in order to purchase the items with real money. The calculations are based on the $4.99 USD cost for the in-game currency of 5,000 steel, reports Game Rant.

Using the given amount conversion, players will be spending a total of 91,500 steel to completely unlock all the items for each fighter. "For Honor" currently has 12 combatants, which results in a total cost of 1,098,000 steel for everything. The total cost is obviously quite steep, which makes it difficult for players to ever complete everything in a single purchase. However, gamers should know that daily play rewards players with steel.

Steel is awarded in "For Honor" for every completed daily Orders and bi-daily Contracts. However, players who plan to collect every in-game item should be prepared for the long haul. The same Reddit user calculated that gamers would need to continuously play the game for 2.51 years to secure the steel to purchase all the marketplace items, says PCGamesN.

"For Honor" reportedly topped sales charts last February, which is a great sign for Ubisoft and their new IP. However recent news has revealed that the game has lost over 50 percent of its users on the PC. It is speculated that the end game does not really offer much for players other than to grind for more items from the in-game marketplace.

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