'Xbox Free Play Days' will Give Away 'Super Monkey Ball -- Banana Blitz HD,' 'For Honor,' and 'The Survivalists':  How to Get Your Copy of These Games for Free

'Xbox Free Play Days' will Give Away 'Super Monkey Ball -- Banana Blitz HD,' 'For Honor,' and 'The Survivalists': How to Get Your Copy of These Games for Free

Xbox will be giving away free games this coming weekend. Players may nab a free copies of "Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD," "For Honor Standard Edition," and "The Survivalists" and play them for a limited time only.

by Staff Reporter

FOR HONOR Vikings Vs Samurai Gameplay Demo 14 Minutes (E3 2016)

Ubisoft Confirms To Deliver Patch 1.06 For PC For ‘For Honor’ Coliseum Map Available Soon?

Ubisoft continues to make "For Honor" as functional and active as it can be, making a great progress in providing the game with improvements and additional stability

by Paige McClure

For Honor - Peacekeepers Trailer

Peacekeeper Reportedly Banned From 'For Honor' Tournaments

Reports have apparently confirmed that the Peacekeeper character from "For Honor" will be banned from professional tournaments.

by Michael Augustin

FOR HONOR™ Microtransactions

‘For Honor’ Players Planning A Big Protest Against The Game’s Microtransaction

A number of players are thinking of doing a mass protest against "For Honor" for the expensive microtransaction.

by Allan

For Honor - Official FINAL Trailer

'For Honor': Total Cost To Unlock All In-Game Items

Gamers who have played "For Honor" have most likely noticed Ubisoft's aggressive marketing of its micro-transactions.

by Michael Augustin

For Honor: $700 for cosmetics is a problem

‘For Honor’ Players Will Need Over $700 Or 30 Months To Get All Unlocks

A Reddit user calculated just how much a player will need to unlock all characters and upgrades in the game.

by Allan

FOR HONOR Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Warlords (Knight Campaign)

‘For Honor’: Ubisoft Threatens Cheaters Executing AFK Farming; Best-Selling Game Of February 2017

Ubisoft is currently is taking actions on "For Honor" players who are executing AFK farming. It is said that the game developer will permanently banned players who will not follow the game's code of conduct.

by Paige McClure

Let's Play - For Honor (Beta)

'For Honor' Beta Guardbreak Fixes Shugoki Bug; Valkyrie Bloodlust Feat Triggered For Kills

“For Honor” gets a recent update that buffed Valkyrie. The patch notes for the update have already been released. Furthermore, vikings and samurai will be fighting against each other.

by Mia P.

Ubisoft needs to fix For Honor's terrible multiplayer problems

‘For Honor’ Gives Reward to Players for Recent Server Problems; Check If Your Qualified Here

"For Honor" rewards players with freebies as a form of apology for the recent server issues. Find out in this article who are the players qualified to claim the reward.

by Allan

For Honor Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD)

'For Honor' Guide: The Numbers Next To Players' Names Explained; Reputation Level Determines Gear Achievement

“For Honor” experts reveal how to level up faster and get better in the game. Moreover, stats reveal that more players opt to get the game on Steam.

by Mia P.

For Honor - Peacekeepers Trailer

'For Honor': Female Armor Done Right

Although "For Honor" features both male and female fighters, it seems difficult at first glance to discern your opponent's gender.

by Michael Augustin

Game Maker Ubisoft Holds Press Event During Annual E3 Conference

'For Honor' Developer Ubisoft Claims More Than 6 Million Beta Tests Players, 1.8 Million Engage In PC Trials

"For Honor", Ubisoft's ace video game had undergone beta test with the participation of more than six million players, the biggest open beta test on PC ever in the history of the game developer company-Ubisoft.

by Paige McClure

For Honor review impressions: Smooth PC performance, mediocre melee campaign

‘For Honor’ Review Impressions

“For Honor” shows mediocre melee campaign and performs smoothly on PC, based on the review impressions.

by Danny Smith

For Honor Open Betta! PreLoad It!!

'For Honor' Displays Error Messages In Multiplayer; There's Better Alternative To Blocking

“For Honor” gamers recently noted error messages appearing in the game. In the meantime, experts gave away their tips on winning duels in the game.

by Ben Lindon

For Honor Beginners Guide - The Art of Battle

'For Honor' Tips To Win More Duels

At first glance, "For Honor" might appear like the typical brawler wherein your character goes through waves of enemies, but in fact it is a fighting game that requires good reflexes and pre-emptive decision making during attacks.

by Michael Augustin

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