‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Player Discovers A ‘God Mode’ Exploit Making Them Invincible In The Game

By Allan , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:22 AM EDT

A forum member from “Tom Clancy’s The Division” site has reported a “God-Mode” exploit in the game which allows players to be invincible in the game. In this mode, players can shoot at opponents through walls which give them a great advantage in the game. Fortunately, the exploit has already been reported to the developer.

God-Mode Exploit Reported in Forums

In the official forum of “Tom Clancy’s The Division”, forum member Y3kcim reported an exploit in the game which allows players to shoot through walls and hit their enemies. Initially, he didn’t have enough evidence to prove the exploit but two other members, CJ Fresh, and dub marine backed him up by sharing a recorded video. In the video, a player is receiving continuous damage from fires through the subway walls. The enemy in “God-mode” who was firing the shot is safely in another part of the map and shooting freely to damage his opponents.

Development Team Responds to the Issue

Gamerant reports the community manager of the game has already responded to the post and said the development team has already been informed. He also said the team is now working on a solution which will hopefully be up before the end of the week. However, some players are concerned when the fix will really arrive because the manager only said they will try to have it ready by Thursday. Based on that statement, there is a possibility for the fix to arrive at a later time.

Today, many players start to be frustrated as they encounter players using the exploit. And although it is not certain when the fix update will arrive, players should be assured that the “Tom Clancy’s The Division” development team are doing their best to find a solution for the issue and have it ready as soon as possible.

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