Nintendo Switch Works With Android, PC And Mac; No Netflix, Hulu, Internet Browsing

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 28, 2017 04:27 AM EDT

The Nintendo Switch developers have rolled out Joy-Con Controllers that are compatible with both Mac and PC. Take note that the Joy-Con Controllers are specifically made for the recently launched hybrid system. However, recent reports reveal that the controllers may also be paired up with PC and Mac computers.

Joy-Cons Support Android Devices, Pairs Easily With Mac.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers may also be paired with Android devices. It should be noted that the device needs to have Bluetooth functionality for this to work. On PC, users are required to use an app like the JoyToKey, IGN reported. Apparently, the small controllers sync easily with Mac with no fuss.

It has further been noted that the packed-in Joy Controllers are not the only Nintendo Switch accessories that are compatible with a PC. It has been revealed that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller may also be connected to a PC via Bluetooth connectivity. On the contrary, several reports claim that the Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers may have random cases of syncing issues particularly with the left Joy-Con controller.

A Game Console First, Nintendo Switch Lacks Non-Game Services

In other news, the Nintendo Switch also lacks the support for Netflix or Hulu. Moreover, users of the latest console may not be able to browse the internet and stream music, movies or any other media that is not a video game, Business Insider reported. Despite bearing resemblance to tablets like the iPad, the Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a game console.

The Nintendo Switch system itself is the screen in between two controllers. Basically, it is a tablet and touchscreen. In the meantime, the top Reddit thread in the Nintendo Switch subreddit has urged owners to contact Netflix to get the service running on the console. Regarding this however, a Netflix representative revealed that the service does not have anything to share on the console. Additionally, a Hulu rep revealed that questions should be directed to Nintendo instead.

The Nintendo Switch was expected to launch with the service as both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U featured Netflix and Hulu. Moreover, consoles from Sony and Microsoft also feature the services as well as Amazon.

In addition, note that the Nintendo Switch by design has no paid video store and lacks non-game services as well. However, it is expected that the services will still come to the console in the future even though it did not roll out at launch. Watch Joy-Cons working with PC, Mac and Android below:


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