'Destiny: Age Of Triumph' New Weapon Quests Detailed

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 24, 2017 04:08 AM EDT

"Destiny" fans are reportedly receiving more information about the "Age of Triumph" live event before its official launch next week. Information such as new modes, record book, and new raid gear have been revealed by the developers. Additionally, it appears that the game's sandbox designer Josh Hamrick communicated with fans through Twitter to confirm some of the game's exotic weapon quests. He revealed some interesting information about the Vex Mythoclast and Necrochasm.

According to the Hamrick's Twitter post, he confirmed that the Vex Mythoclast will stay as a standard drop from the Atheon raid on heroic difficulty. However, the Necrochasm is attainable through a brand new quest in "Age of Triumph". Players should reportedly expect these weapons to drop with the light level 390 or higher, as reported by Game Rant. The original quest for the latter involved several steps to unlock the weapon's final form.

Before the "Age of Triumph" update, "Destiny" players can begin the Necrochasm quest by getting a random drop from one of the sword-wielding enemies in "The Fist of Crota" mission. Players should eventually receive a Husk of the Pit auto rifle, which requires 500 hive enemy kills. After grabbing an embalming orb from Eris Morn, players can upgrade the rifle into the Eidolon Ally. The last piece requires the Crux of Crota drop from a heroic Crota raid that finally transforms the weapon into the Necrochasm. Hamrick also confirmed that the "Age of Triumph" update will make it "smoother" for players to complete the quest for the exotic weapon. It is suspected to include new elements but should also have bits of the old quest included. Fans believe that the new weapon balances in Destiny should make the Necrochasm a more viable weapon than before.

Bungie has reportedly made a lot of "Destiny" fans happy with its announcement of the "Age of Triumph" live event. According to Gamenguide, the knowledge that fan-favorite elemental primary weapons like the Fatebringer, Vex Mythoclast and Vision of Confluence has apparently gotten fans interested all over again. Not to mention that it is also bringing back the older raids up to a higher light level with new raid gear included. Fans should have plenty to mess around with until "Destiny 2" comes out.

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