'Destiny: Age Of Triumph' Brings Back More Fan Favorite Weapons

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 20, 2017 04:59 AM EDT

While "Destiny" has already confirmed several fan-requested elements to make a comeback during the "Age of Triumph" live event next week. However, a recent report indicates that Bungie might have more surprises in store for its fans. Sources have noted that the game will possibly bring back more weapons from the "Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events from the game's Year 2. These items can reportedly be earned from new bounties in the Tower.

Reports have confirmed the information through the developer's weekly blog update, says Game Rant. The post noted that players will see an update to the Crucible bounties handed out by Lord Shaxx and some new ones offered by a different NPC. Players can apparently approach the Crucible Quartermaster just across the room from Shaxx to access new weekly bounties, which supposedly reward players with older gear.

According to the blog post, once the "Age of Triumph" update goes live, The Crucible Quartermaster will provide guardians with five new bounties every week. These bounties are assigned for each weapon type and give players a chance to earn weapons from the Iron Banner, Crucible and Trials of Osiris from the Year 2 and Year 3 loot pool of "Destiny"

Some of the weapons from the Trials of Osiris include the auto rifle Doctrine of Passing as well as the Inward Lamp scout rifle. Gears from the Iron Banner are as follows, Finnala's Peril hand cannon, Ironwreath-D sidearm, Weyloran's March sniper rifle and Nirwen's Mercy pulse rifle. The bounty rewards appear to handle all weapon types and will even include the reportedly popular hand cannon Eyasluna.

A previous report about "Destiny" and its "Age of Triumph" live event also detailed the return of some Year 1 elemental primary weapons, say Gamenguide. Notable gear from this loot pool will apparently include the Fatebringer and the ever-popular Vex Mythoclast among others. Additionally, the new update will also feature updated raids with higher light levels and new raid gear as well.

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