After The Power Rangers Movie, Here Comes ‘Power Rangers Mobile Game

By Allan , Updated Mar 25, 2017 05:38 AM EDT

After the recent release of the new “Power Rangers” movie, Lionsgate and Saban collaborates with the nWay mobile developer to create a new Power Rangers mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The new app is called “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” and it’s a real-time fighting game that features not just heroes but also villains seen throughout all “Power Ranger’ franchise.

“Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” Mobile Game

In the game, players will discover the space witch, Rita Repulsa has done something bad with the Morphin Grid as it now clones different monsters and cloned rangers to fight against the power rangers. So the rangers have no choice but to fight back and learn a few tricks of their own according to Kotaku. Players who play as the rangers will be able to customize and upgrade their suits and create a team to help them stop the evil deeds of Rita Repulsa and get back the Morphin Grid.

“Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” Game Features

In the official blog of the "Power Rangers: Legacy Wars" game, it says it features a real-time fight against real players all around the world and discovers new arenas that feature some of the most popular location in the entertainment business. The game has over 40 fighters that players can unlock and this ranges from the very first Power Rangers and every version that came out in the history of “Power Rangers” series and movie.

Players get to play their favorite Power Ranger-version in full-blown 3D character models with impressive animation and visual effects. They will also have full control of the Power Rangers team they create to help players fight the evil villains and challenge other players from other parts of the globe. As players win battles, they get points that they can use to upgrade their fighters and teams which are more reason for players to finish different missions available in “Power Rangers: Legacy Wars” mobile game.

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