‘Pokemon GO’ Latest Update Gives Players Guaranteed Evolution Stone Reward

By Allan , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:44 AM EDT

One of the most wanted game item but hardest to come by in “Pokemon GO” are evolution stones. The chances of getting one are completely random and avid players sometimes take days before they find one of it. But that is all about to change in the latest update of “Pokemon GO” as the Niantic Developer released a new update and it increases the chances of players to receive the Evolution Stone reward.

 How to Get Guaranteed Evolution Stone

In the latest update of “Pokemon GO”, Evolution Stones are no longer hard to get as it is now included in the 7-day streak reward according to Gamerant. All the player needs to do is swipe a PokeStop at least once every day for one week and upon the seventh day, they shall receive the evolution stone together with other useful game items and XP.

For players who do not know how the 7-day streak works, Niantic’s earlier updates include daily missions where players get extra bonus XP and items for swiping a PokeStop and catching a Pokemon every day. Each day a player will receive items and XP bonus as the daily mission are accomplished but will receive more bonus as the seventh day arrives. However, if a player misses one day of swipe or catch, the streak will be gone and they will have to start all over again.

The evolution stone that comes upon the completion of the 7-day Streak is completely random so there is no way for a player to choose which to receive according to Video Game Snap. Before this update, hardcore players have voiced out their concern how absolutely hard it is to find the evolution stones. Some players said the chances were as low as 1% or even lower.

Good thing Niantic has heard the players and has made fair changes in the game. Now all the players need to do is wait for a week to get an evolution stone and use it to an applicable Pokemon.

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