'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: How to Get the Waterium Z to Get Hydro Vortex

'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: How to Get the Waterium Z to Get Hydro Vortex

A “Pokemon Sun and Moon” guide where to get Waterium Z and how to get it. This article also includes how to win over the quests to claim the Water Z Crystal.

by Allan

Vulpix Geodude Pidgeot Charizard Onix Staryu Coldeen Zubat And Psyduck In The

'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: How to Get a Charmander, Evolve Charmeleon and Charizard in the Game

A guide how to get a Charmander, evolve Charmeleon and Charizard in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Also includes different methods how to get the Pokemon in the game.

by Allan

Game Freak’s Surprisingly Accurate Office in Pokémon Sun & Moon (Easter Egg)

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Egg Hatching Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Hatch Eggs Quickly, Breed Pokemon Faster! More Hacks, Guides Revealed

Egg hatching in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can be done quickly with the help of Tauros.

by Laine Lucas

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer: Easter Eggs, Things Missed and Breakdown

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: The Secret On How To Hatch Eggs Faster!

There are some simple tips which can make hatching egg in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" super Fast.

by Jyotirupa Sarma

Strongest Pokemon in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Strongest Pokémon to Level Up Your Game

There are many strong Pokemon in "Pokemon sun and Moon" which can help the player to level up and move forward in the game. Here are some tips and a list of 5 such strongest Pokemon.

by Jyotirupa Sarma

'Pokemon Sun and Moon': Eevee-Like Adaptability Of Pokemon Oricorio With Special Nectars & Where To Find It

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Eevee-Like Adaptability Of Pokemon Oricorio With Special Nectars & Where To Find It

Some players say that Pokemon Oricorio is hard to find, especially when it is the four forms. Each forms and types are different based on the area players look, which they need to have a special nectar to change the type of Oricorio.

by Switchy Sam


'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest, News & Updates: Global Event Urges Players To Capture 100 Miliion Pokemon Worldwide And Win A Special Prize

First ever "Pokemon Sun and Moon" global events takes place. To capture over 100 Pokemon worldwide.

by Jason Glenn

Watch Dogs 2 Jurassic Park Easter Egg - Unique Vehicle & Jurassic Park Jeep - Mountain King

'Watch Dogs 2’ Guide in Unlocking the ‘Jurassic Park’ Jeep in the Game

A “Watch Dogs 2” guide in finding and unlocking the “Jurassic Park” iconic Jeep. Includes a step by step guide how to access and use the secret vehicle.

by Allan

How to Change Keldeo's Form in Pokémon Sun and Moon - How to Get Keldeo Resolute Form

'Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Guide: Where to find Keldeo and Moloetta Move Tutor?

A guide in evolving Keldeo and Moloetta in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". This article includes information where to find the NPC tutor teaching their exclusive move.

by Allan

Version-exclusive Pokémon and New Features Revealed in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tricks & Tips: Evolution Stone Locations—Easiest Way to Find Ice, Fire & Leaf Stones

Find out the easiest way to obtain the Evolution Stones such as the Fire, Ice, and Leaf Stones in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

by Olivia Cavallaro

How To Catch Ditto in Pokemon Sun and Moon

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Quick Guide On How To Catch A Ditto In The Ula'ula Island

A quick guide on how to catch a Ditto in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in the Ula'ula Island of the Alola Region.

by Jason Glenn

The best guide to level up faster in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' has been revealed.

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Tips, Tricks & Cheats: What Are The Best Pokemon Found In Poni Island?

Poni Island, one of the four islands in "Pokemon Sun & Moon"'s Alola region, is home to some pretty strong Pokemon.

by Joe Marsalis

Pokemon Sun and Moon - How To Catch Jangmo-o

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' guide: Where to Catch Jangmo-o and How to Evolve into Hakamo-o and finally Kommo-o

A "Pokemon Sun and Moon" guide how to catch Jangmo-o in the game and how to evolve it to Hakamo-o and to its final evolution Kommo-o legendary Pokemon.

by Allan

Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Find Eevee

‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Where To Find Eevee & Other 8 Evolutions

Eevee is one of the most-loved Pokemon in all of the Pokemon game franchise.

by Kenneth Bren Briones

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