Splatoon 2 Maps Revealed; Game Takes Up 10MB Mobile Data Per Round

Splatoon 2 Maps Revealed; Game Takes Up 10MB Mobile Data Per Round

A “Splatoon” teaser video has surfaced online revealing more about the maps coming to the game. Moreover, gamers during the test fire reveal that the game is mobile data lite.

by Ben Lindon

Dead Rising 4 - Let's Play #1 [FR]

‘Dead Rising 4’ Pre-Order Weapons & Single Player DLC Now Available; ‘Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf’ Coming Soon

“Dead Rising 4” gets a single-player DLC. In addition, a new expansion is set to come to the game after a free update was added to the game last January.

by Ben Lindon

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Trailer

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Free Level Cap Increased To 35 Each Character; Drama Goes Netflix

The “Final Fantasy XIV” demo now goes beyond the 14-day restriction. Moreover, a new Japanese drama based on the game is heading to the West.

by Ben Lindon

Project Scorpio Announcement - E3 2016 Microsoft Press Conference

Project Scorpio Vs Nintendo Switch Performance: Microsoft Focuses On Fancier Graphics, Nintendo On Storage

The Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is expected to compete with the Nintendo hybrid console in the market. In the meantime, Microsoft reveals more specs about their upcoming console.

by Ben Lindon

Harry Potter Go

‘Harry Potter’ RPG: Senior Writer Scouting In Warner Bros. Hinted Possibility

A “Harry Potter” RPG may be in development from Avalanche Software. Three job listings for an upcoming RPG have been spotted online.

by Mia P.

Dark Souls Easter Egg hidden on ‘Battlefield 1’ Map

‘Battlefield 1’ On Amazon Is 59% Cheaper; ‘The Witcher 3’ On Easter Sale Too

“Battlefield 1” is now selling below $39 at Amazon. Other games are also on Easter sale over at the EU PlayStation Store including “The Witcher 3,” among others.

by Mia P.

LEGO City Undercover - All Cutscenes

‘Lego City Undercover’ Release: Nintendo Switch, PC Launch Plagued With Problems; Will Take Months To Fix

“Lego City Undercover” recently released on other platforms but not without complaints. Nintendo Switch fans have noted little changes on loading times and PC gamers have noted issues such as crashing, among others.

by Mia P.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Sword Of Destiny Trailer

‘The Witcher 4’ Update: Developer Says It’s Not Forgotten Though Trilogy

“The Witcher 4” rumors have been sparked and it is believed that the developers are thinking about working on a fourth game. In fact, the game may feature a female protagonist.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch Unboxing - Will You Switch?

Nintendo Switch: Lagging Issue Can Be Fixed By Changing IP Add To DMZ; New Family Bundle Revealed

Nintendo Switch lagging issues have been fixed. In addition, those who have not bought the console yet may now order via two online retail stores and receive the console the next day.

by Mia P.

Project Scorpio Improvements LEAKED - The Know Gaming News

Project Scorpio Official Technical Specs Revealed

The technical specifications of Project Scorpio have been revealed.

by Kristine Garcia

Injustice 2 – It's Good To Be Bad Trailer | PS4

New ‘Injustice 2’ Trailer Highlights Captain Cold

Captain Cold joins the character roster of “Injustice 2”.

by Kristine Garcia

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD

‘Call Of Duty’ Movie Franchise Will Have An Interconnected Universe

The “Call of Duty” movie has a big surprise coming for fans of vast movie universes.

by Kristine Garcia

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Before You Buy

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Already Cracked On PC

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is the latest victim of online piracy.

by Kristine Garcia

Xbox Project Scorpio is one fancy game console

‘Scorpio’ Technical Information Revealed, Boosts XBOX One, XBOX 360 Experience

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro and it comes with big promises about functionality.

by Kristine Garcia

Persona 5 - Launch Trailer | PS4

‘Persona 5’ Has Reached 1.5 Million Sales Worldwide

The Worldwide release of “Persona 5” has been quite successful, reaching envious numbers.

by Kristine Garcia

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