'Overwatch' Cross-Play Beta FAQ: How to Play the FPS Through Linking Between PC, Console

'Overwatch' Cross-Play Beta FAQ: How to Play the FPS Through Linking Between PC, Console

Overwatch opens up their "Cross-Play" Beta test with the focus of expanding its player base. The cross-playing feature will enable several console players to play the FPS with its PC players.

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'Hellraid: Dying Light' Update 1.36 Patch Notes: What Players Will Expect in 'The Prisoner' Story Mode

"Hellraid: Dying Light" will receive its Patch 1.36 Update. The said update will give the DLC expansion a new story mode, along with few changes and bug fixes.

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'Minecraft'1.17 Update: What Features Will "Caves and Cliffs: Part 1" Give to its Players, When is its Release Date

Minecraft's 1.17 Update, also known as "Caves and Cliffs: Part 1," is going to be launched today, June 8. The said update features new mobs, items, and blocks that players will enjoy.

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Nintendo Switch 'Patch 12.0.3' Update: How Will You Download This Switch System Update

Nintendo Switch released the "Patch 12.0.3" Update, which made a minor change to the gaming console. Despite of this, polayers are eagerly waiting for the gaming company to reveal major news for the console, especially during their "Nintendo Direct" panel for the E3 2021.

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Apple's 'Facetime' Coming to Windows and Android: How Can You Get It

Apple revealed in their Worldwide Developers Conference that their video conference app, "Facetime," will be available on Windows and Android. Despite no dates regarding its rollout, "Facetime" promises new features and updates.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: What Players Will Get, How to Pre-Order

Long-time fans of "Final Fanatsy VII" will have a great nostalgia trip as the extension of its 2020 remake, "Final Fantasy VII Remeake Intergrade," welcomes a fan favorite -- Yuffie Kisaragi. The Ninja from Wutai will also have her own special episode in the form of "EPISODE INTERmission."

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WWDC 2021: Will The New MacBook 2021 Appear, Rumored System Specs

Rumors regarding the reveal of a new MacBook Pro model arose as Apple will have its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC this week. The rumored new model will have a new Mac prosessor in it -- the M2, or the MX1 dependeing on what the company would call it during the rumored reveal.

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'Guilty Gear Strive' Season Pass 1: What DLC Characters, Bonus Content Players Would Get

"Guilty Gear Strive's" release date is slowly approaching, and as players of the game are waiting for it, Arc System Works just released additional information for its "Season Pass 1." This is included 5 new downloadable characters, new stages, color packs, and bonus story content.

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'Guilty Gear Strive' Early Access: What Players Would Get, How to Pre-Order

The release date for the "Guilty Gear Strive" is fast approaching, and players will have the opportunity to experience the game first hand thru its Early Access Pass. The pass itself will be available as a pre-order offer, which will be available this coming June 8th.

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#TwitterBan in Nigeria: Is It Safe to Evade the Ban Thru VPN?

In Nigeria, the government is banning Twitter for "undermining the country's corporate existence." Nigerians are now protesting against this move, up to the point that they are in the same site that their government is banning. Because of this, people are now looking for ways to evade said ban, until one provided a solution -- VPNs.

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'Pokemon GO' Community Day Guide: How to Get Your Own Shiny Gible, 'Earth Power' Move

Pokemon GO's "Community Day" is once again open for its players as they will have the opportunity to catch the event's featured Pokemon, Gible. Players will also test their luck as they will might catch a Shine Version of the Ground/Dragon-type Land Shark Pokemon.

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Microsoft's New Windows OS Release: What System Requirements, Features Expected for The 'Windows 11'

A teaser from a Twitter post from Microsoft would tell us a possible release for "Windows 11." The possible new Windows OS will might be revealed in the company's livestream this June 24.

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'FIFA 22' Pre-Order Bonus: How, Where to Pre-Order

Despite of having no updates coming from its game developers, fans are now setting their eyes to the upcoming new installment to the "FIFA" franchise -- FIFA 22. Players and fans alike are now waiting for the game's pre-order, including its dates.

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Epic Games' 'Frostpunk' Giveaway: How to Get this City-Builder for Free

Epic Games will give a game for free today entitled "Frostpunk." This City-builder survival game will make you become a leader and build a post-apocalyptic city while thinking of the survival of your people.

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'Destiny 2' Patch Update: How This Hotfix Nerfed Stasis

BUNGiE has released the latest Patch Update for "Destiny 2." The said patch hotfizes every issue in the game, including the nerfing down of the abilities of its "Stasis" subclass.

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