Free Fire 'Musical Top-Up 2' Event Guide: How to Get Loot Box, Wall Skin + Free Redeem Codes

Free Fire 'Musical Top-Up 2' Event Guide: How to Get Loot Box, Wall Skin + Free Redeem Codes

In celebration of its fourth anniversary, Free Fire will have its "Musical Top-Up 2" event, where players can receive rewards by just topping up the diamonds in their account. For a specific amount of diamonds, they can have a special loot box and wall skin.

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Hitman 3 The Seven Deadly Sins DLC 'Season of Gluttony' Guide: New Additions, Release Date

Hitman 3's "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC expansion series will receive its new "Season of Gluttony" pack, bringing its players, and Agent 47, in the overindulgent city of Chongqing. A new shotgun weapon, new suit set, and new "Escalation" mission set awaits them in this DLC pack.

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Phasmophobia 'Exposition' Update Guide: New Ghosts, Equipment, Changes Players Could Expect

The multiplayer horror game Phamophobia will receive its new "Exposition" update, which will bring new additions, including two new ghosts, the "Myling" and the "Goryo," and the new D.O.T.S. Projector. Aside from these addition, several changes and bug fixes will be implemented.

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'Brawl Stars' Update Guide: New Brawler, Cosmetics, Changes + More

Brawl Stars will receive its new Patch Update in preparation for its new "Once Upon a Brawl" Season. The said patch update will bring in a new Chromatic Brawler named Ash, as well as new Brawler skins balance tweaks, and other changes.

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'Hunt Showdown' Light the Shadow Event Guide: Rewards, Points, Paths to Choose, and MORE

Hunt: Showdown will receive its first live event, "Light the Shadow." In the said event, players will choose two paths, each has different rewards from weapons to currencies to Legendary hunters.

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Fortnite 'Impostors' Trials Guide: How to Join, Unlock Rewards

In celebration of its release, Fortnite invites its players to take the "Impostors Trials." In this limited-time event, players need to play the new mode in the shooting game to earn rewards.

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The 'KoF' XV Guide: Character Roster, Gameplay Features, Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses

After being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SNK formally announced the release of the lastest installment to The King of Fighters franchise, "The King of Fighters XV." Old characters will return as well as new ones will enter the battle as the lastest addition to the fighting game franchise will bring in new mechanics to its classic 3-on-3 matches.

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CoD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass 2021 Guide: New Rewards, How to Obtain + More Details

Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 7 has rolled out, bringing in a new set of rewards in the game's Battle Pass, which includes new Operators, Operator skins and skills, Weapons and Weapon blueprints, and more.

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MtG Arena Players Experiencing 'Authentication Failed' Error Along with Server Connection Problems [Status Update|

Several players of Magic: The Gathering Arena have experienced a connection issue while logging in the game, despite the fact that the game has done its server maintenance for its patch update. Wizards of the Coast resovled said issue, however problems regarding logging in are still persisting.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Patch 1.0.6 Update Guide: What Fixes, Additions Players Would Expect

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 receives its recent Patch 1.0.6 Update. The said patch update brought in new additions in the game, as well as changes, bug fixes, and tweaks in its gameplay.

by Staff Reporter


ESO 'Waking Flame' DLC Sets Guide: New Dungeons, Collectibles + Changes Implemented from Patch Update 31

Elder Scrolls Online is receiving its new "Waking Flame" dungeon DLC pack, which will add in two new dungeons in the game, namely the "Pink Petal Bastion" and the "Dread Cellar." Along with the said DLC pack, the game will also receive its Patch Update 31, bringing in graphical tweaks and other bug fixes.

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J Balvin Style 'Fortnite' Skin: How to Get, What Does it Look Like, Accesories, Release Date, MORE Details

Days after being leaked in the social media, Riot Games confirmed that the prince of Regaetton himself, J Balvin, will be included in Fortnite as part of the Iconic Series. The Character Skin inspired by the said musician will also come with a katana-like pickaxe that can also be a Back Bling once brought back to its sheath, and a sky glider.

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'Pokemon Unite' Leaks Blastoise, Greedent Debut: Movesets + Other Pokemon Expected to Come

A leak circulating on Twitter pointed out the addition of Greedent in Pokemon Unite, as well as a possible moveset for Blastoise. Meanwhile, three new Pokemon will be added in the game's roster, as Blessey will be coming after its patch update while Sylveon and Mamoswine is set to be released in the near future.

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'Mary Skelter Finale' Locked Up in Love - True End DLC Guide: Pre-Order Bonuses, Release Date, Everything to Expect

Mary Skilter Finale will receive its "Locked Up in Love - True End" DLC story expansion pack, which will bring in a new story route in the role-playing-slash-romance virtual novel. Players will enjoy a perfect summer vacation in the said DLC, along with a game bundle that will give them sweet in-game items.

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'WarioWare: Get it Together' Free Demo Guide: How to Play it for Free

Wario is back in making crazy microgames in "WarioWare: Get it Together," and he bringing along his crew in accomplishing these microgames fast. Players can experience the game's absrudities in its free demo before they can play it fully once it is released this September.

by Staff Reporter

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