‘Ark: Survival Evolved’: Studio Wildcard Is Hiring Game Modders; Four New Species Are Now Available

‘Ark: Survival Evolved’: Studio Wildcard Is Hiring Game Modders; Four New Species Are Now Available

The “Ark: Survival Evolved” will soon be getting consistent improvements from modders who will be specifically hired to improve the game.

by Paige McClure

The First 18 Minutes of A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale' Now Available As A Free Download

Gamers who love Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" and want to know more about its lore might want to check out "Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale".

by Michael Augustin

What Being

Latest 'Overwatch' Patch 2.05 Changes On Fire Alert Cue

Blizzard Entertainment has finally updated Overwatch with its latest balance patch version 2.05.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Switch - Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Nintendo Switch Review: Below Par Charging Performance From Battery Packs

Gamers still on the fence about the Nintendo Switch and its reported battery life might want to consider new information about the system in portable mode.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Switch Play Together Trailer

Nintendo Announces New Partnerships & Reveals New Indie Games Coming For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announces more games coming for Nintendo Switch, particularly from indie publishers and developers.

by Allan

SFV: Kolin Reveal Trailer

'Street Fighter V': Kolin Officially Available As DLC

The second DLC character for "Street Fighter V" Season 2 has become available for players to purchase with fighter money or unlock with their season pass.

by Michael Augustin

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Pre-Order: Digital Versions Available On Amazon

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” digital version can now be pre-ordered on the Amazon. However, the game’s physical version is reported to face stock issues.

by Ben Lindon

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - Ryona - All Creative Finishes on Hakufu

'Senran Kagura's Ikki Tousen' DLC, PC: March Release Date Brings 'Estival Versus' Features Over 25 Playable Characters

“Senran Kagura’s Ikki Tousen” DLC, including the PC version will be released on March 17. This was announced by Marvelous Games.

by Ben Lindon


'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Comes In Massive Size, Depth, Will Be Limitless; Betas Set New Record

“Ghost Recon Wildlands” franchise will be launched next by Ubisoft with an open-world genre. The gameplay is expected to be limitless.

by Ben Lindon

Microsoft Retail Store and Former San Francisco 49ers Roger Craig Host Xbox One Gaming Tournament at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto

Microsoft Xbox Live Creators Program; Quick Game Publish To Xbox One, Windows 10 Now Possible

Microsoft announced the new Xbox Live Creators Program that enables developers to quickly publish their games to Xbox One and Windows 10. The new program is also capable of integrating Xbox Live social experiences.

by Ben Lindon

Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation Experience 2016: The Machines Trailer | PS4

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Guide: How To Complete Last Hidden Cauldron, Tallneck Override

“Horizon Zero Dawn” experts have revealed gameplay that solves the hidden entrance to the Cauldron Zeta. In the meantime, gamers are just having fun with the game’s photo mode.

by Mia P.

Dirt 4 VS Dirt Rally FIRST Dirt 4 Gameplay Side by Side!!

'DiRT 4' New Feature Allows Infinite Custom Stages

“Dirt 4” is slated to launch with a new mode and several game editions. Furthermore, the rally stage generation feature has been announced for the game.

by Mia P.

Let's Play - For Honor (Beta)

'For Honor' Beta Guardbreak Fixes Shugoki Bug; Valkyrie Bloodlust Feat Triggered For Kills

“For Honor” gets a recent update that buffed Valkyrie. The patch notes for the update have already been released. Furthermore, vikings and samurai will be fighting against each other.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch Play Together Trailer

Walmart And Other Retailers Confirm Nintendo Switch Stock Availability On Launch Day

The Nintendo Switch is finally launching on Friday, which apparently draws more consumers to try their best to secure the game system on launch day.

by Michael Augustin

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Official Announcement Trailer | PS4

Microsoft Confirms 'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War' As First Project Scorpio Game

After the recent news about Monolith Productions' "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" being an Xbox Play Anywhere title, Microsoft's Phil Spencer reportedly confirmed that the game is going to be a Project Scorpio title.

by Michael Augustin

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