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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

‘Naruto Storm 4' DLC Pack 2 Rumors, News and Updates: Gaara Takes Center Stage; Release Date Unconfirmed?

Mar 29, 2016 11:17 AM EDT

Recent news and updates regarding 'Naruto Storm 4' DLC pack 2 has generated much interest particularly since its release date remains unsettled. Furthermore, it has been speculated that for the next game, Gaara would take the lead and the center stage.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Guest Edits The Huffington Post

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Remain Tight-Lipped; Set to Arrive In June? [Rumors]

Mar 29, 2016 06:09 AM EDT

Despite the success of these devices, MacBook Air 2016 and MacBook Pro 2016 recent news and updates revealed that the tech company remain tight-lipped on the matter. Although there were rumors that it will hit the stalls in Junes, the mere speculation remains unconfirmed and unsettled.

Sony Holds Press Event At E3 Gaming Conference Unveiling New Products For Its Playstation Game Unit

‘Street Fighter 5’ News & Updates: March Update Release Date Set; DLC Characters Available Until Real Money Shop Added?

Mar 29, 2016 06:07 AM EDT

Recent news and updates for “Street Fighter” revealed the affirmation of the device to be release sooner than expected. Also, there are speculations that the DLC characters would be available for grabs until real money shop is added on the game.

Microsoft Holds News Briefing Ahead Of E3 Conference

Xbox Live Issues on Xbox One Reduces Efficiency; Microsoft Working on A Fix?

Mar 29, 2016 05:57 AM EDT

Recent news regarding the Xbox Live and its issues with Xbox One is escalating. It has been noted that the issue reduces the efficiency of the game and owing to that, Microsoft is speculated to offering a fix for it.

CeBIT 2016 Digital Technology Trade Fair

Microsoft's Chat Bot 'Tay' Got Bashed

Mar 28, 2016 03:21 AM EDT

It does not bode well for Microsoft's chat bot "Tay." Upon its launching, many have bashed the tech upgrade as incompetent and does not even know what its saying.

Apple Introduces New Products

iPhone 7 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Set To Release 5.8-Inch OLED iPhone in 2017?

Mar 28, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

There are rising speculations that Apple will release a new 5.8-Inch OLED iPhone in 2017. Although it has not been confirmed, the tech world is buzzing on what to expect for the next Apple device once it hits the stalls.

Grand Theft Auto Video Game Rakes In 800 Million Dollars Within One Day Of Sales

'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Game Rumored To Traversed Colombia Or Nevada After Tokyo

Mar 28, 2016 02:18 AM EDT

The game that has dominated the gamers' world is rumored to bring new and fresh challenges the game time. It has also been speculated that the game would incorporate new locations such as traversing Colombia or Nevada after hitting Tokyo.

One Punch Man

‘One Punch Man' Season 2 Spoilers, News & Updates: New Villains on the Rise; Saitama Rumored to Bad?

Mar 28, 2016 02:12 AM EDT

Recent news and updates for "One Punch Man" season 2 revealed of the rumors of a rising villain looming on the horizon. Furthermore, Saitama and his character are once again misinterpreted and were rumored to be bad.

Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro to Replace Microsoft Windows Devices?

Mar 28, 2016 02:10 AM EDT

Rising speculations have been raised regarding Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro and the probability of replacing Microsoft Windows devices. It has also been speculated that the iPad Pro will have features that will contend with Microsoft window's latest tech gears as well.

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