Sony Courting Minecraft's Notch? Company Gives Creator a Golden PSOne As Invitation to E3 Event

Sony Courting Minecraft's Notch? Company Gives Creator a Golden PSOne As Invitation to E3 Event

Can't blame Sony for trying to get a hold of those Minecraft mega bucks.

by Luke Caulfield

Watch Dogs Profiler

Top Five Most Hyped Third Party Developers For E3

These developers shape the industry just as much as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

by Ural Garrett

Destiny: Law of the Jungle

Bungie's Destiny Gets A Little Closer [TRAILER]

See the official trailer for Destiny: Law of the Jungle. To call it epic would be an understatement.

by Brittany Gehrett

Square Enix Logo

Square Enix Offering Live Stream Of Its E3 Booth

Live demos, developer Q&As and other 'exclusive content' will be featured.

by Ural Garrett

Killer Instinct

Is Killer Instinct Making a Comeback?

Microsoft teases the return of a beloved Rare IP. Is the cult classic fighter ready to return?

by Mike Andronico


Ouya's E3 Booth To Be In Convention Center Parking Lot, Open To Public

Developers for the Android powered console can register to showcase work. Bring sunblock.

by Ural Garrett

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

New Smash Bros Game To Be Discussed At Next Nintendo Direct

Nintendo will divulge details on the next franchise brawler right before E3. Excited?

by Mike Andronico

Microsoft's Washington Campus

Next Xbox Will Be Revealed in Two Stages, Says Microsoft Rep

Tomorrow's big event will be all about the hardware. Major game news will have to wait until E3.

by Mike Andronico

Sonic Generations

Sega Trademarks Sonic: Lost World, Is a New Game Coming?

Where could Sega's speedy mascot be headed next?

by Mike Andronico

Windows Gift Cards

Goodbye Microsoft Points, Hello Gift Cards

Microsoft finally does away with points system in favor of real money. Common sense applauds.

by Mike Andronico

Expo Fighter

E3: The Fighting Game - It's Real

Here's your chance to fight the console wars. Literally.

by Mike Andronico

Xbox Reveal Location

Major Nelson Teases Xbox Reveal Location

Take a peek at where the next Xbox will be unveiled. Are you excited?

by Mike Andronico

Mass Effect 3

Where Should the Mass Effect Franchise Go Next? [OPINION]

Some possibilities for Bioware's beloved sci-fi franchise.

by Mike Andronico


How The Big Three Will Handle E3

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all have something to prove this time.

by Ural Garrett

April Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Acknowledges It Can’t Compete [OPINION]

By not holding a press conference at this year's E3, Nintendo is saying that it's out of the next gen race. And that's a shame.

by Kamau High

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