Jose Aldo Takes On Anthony Pettis In a Full Round in EA Sports UFC

Jose Aldo Takes On Anthony Pettis In a Full Round in EA Sports UFC

We've seen a lot of EA Sports UFC, with looks at each fighter of the 30 plus roster, the hard hitting physics, and a few jaw shattering haymakers, but only in quick video clips and screenshots. One thing we haven't seen? A complete round. Will a whole five minutes look as good as the succinct cinematics? Find out for yourself, as developer EA has provided a new clip of just such an event.

by Luke Caulfield

Dragon Age Inquisition

Check Out The Latest Screens From Dragon Age Inquisition!

Dragon Age Inquisition is about to step up their updates on the road to E3, releasing frequent screens and blogs that will detail everything you need to know about Bioware's upcoming RPG.

by Alex Riviello

EA Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts Set To Reveal 6 New Games During 1 Hour Live Broadcast Event

Game reveals are what every fan hopes for when E3 comes around, and EA will be debuting no less than six titles at this year's conference.

by Matthew Buzzi

The Sims 4 Create a Sim Mode

The Sims 4's Create A Sim Leaves Little Off Limits, and Even Less to the Imagination

Customization has been a big part of The Sims going all the way back to the first game of the series, whether it was decorating your house, appliances, your Sim's outfit, career, etc. And with each additional game, the options are varied and improved upon. But in The Sims 4, it's going for broke.

by Luke Caulfield

FUT Bundesliga TotS

FIFA 14 Bundesliga Team of the Season Cards for Ultimate Team Released by EA

The German Bundesliga team of the season for FIFA 14's Ultimate Team mode has been revealed and released, with some notable exclusions.

by Matthew Buzzi

(EA) Electronic Arts

Fifty EA Games Going Offline at the End of June

With new games coming out, and online multiplayer becoming increasingly more prevalent, simply adding in servers isn't an option, and publisher EA has to cut costs somewhere. So come the end of June, fifty of the publishers' properties will lose online support, as the games' servers will be shut down.

by Luke Caulfield


EA To Unveil 'Six New Projects' At Game Conference, Including A 'Battlefield 5'?

E3 is coming up fast and furious, and it sounds like EA is going to have some huge announcements at the show. In another bit of news from EA's earnings call yesterday, the company announced that it will be bringing six brand new projects to the mecca of gaming this year.

by Alex Wolfe


EA Confirms Commitment With 'Titanfall' For The Long Haul?

During EA's earnings call yesterday, CEO Andrew Wilson dropped an interesting bit of information: EA is committed to Titanfall in a big way.

by Alex Wolfe


You Can Get Beat Up Too Much In EA UFC and Be Forced To Retire, and That's Pretty Cool

EA announced some details on the new fighting game today, centered around the Ultimate Fighter Career Mode and multiplayer.

by Alex Wolfe

President, Electronic Arts Sports Peter Moore

EA Insults Nintendo as April Fool's Prank, Peter Moore Quick to Apologize

How disgustingly thin-skinned we've all become...

by Luke Caulfield

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC

Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC Trophies / Achievements Emerge

Just five for the new game mode, weapons, and gadgets.

by Luke Caulfield

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Attack Boat DLC

DICE Provides First Look at Battlefield 4's Next DLC, Naval Strike

Some lovely locales offered up in the forthcoming DLC. Have a peek, would you kindly?

by Luke Caulfield

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC

Second Assault DLC for Battlefield 4 Now Available to PC and PlayStation Premium Players

Non-premium players get access to Second Assault in two weeks on March 4

by Luke Caulfield

Battlefield 4

Several Fixes Hit Xbox 360 Version of Battlefield 4 in New Patch

Complete list of patch notes inside

by Luke Caulfield

Dungeon Keeper Gold

Dungeon Keeper Gold Absolutely free on GOG

Forget the mobile version, own the original for free!

by Alex Riviello

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