Playing SEGA Genesis Games On The NES Classic Edition

Playing SEGA Genesis Games On The NES Classic Edition

The most popular retro gaming console from Nintendo continues to get unofficial features from dedicated hackers.

by Michael Augustin

Super Retro Boy Hands On At CES 2017

Retro-bit Brings Back Nintendo's Game Boy With Its Super Retro Boy Portable Console

Retro-bit introduces the Super Retro Boy portable gaming system, which is due for release this August for $79.99.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Update: Unfinished Game Boy Game Based on Old Animé 'Akira' Has Surfaced

Nintendo Update: Unfinished Game Boy Game Based on Old Animé 'Akira' Has Surfaced

An Unfinished Game of the Nintendo Game Boy surfaced and it's based on an old Animé movie entitled Akira

by Flo Maxino

Verizon iPhone 4 Goes On Sale In U.S.

Gadget Ogling Latest News & Update: Smart Matresses, Coffeemakers & Other Holiday Tech Gift Options Beyond Smartphones & Gadgets

Following the end of Thanksgiving, people are done with presenting smart tech gifts to recipients but there are still some who are still gadget ogling to find a tech-savvy products for their use.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

Nintendo's Game Boy to return.

Nintendo Game Boy News & Updates: 'GBA4iOS' Creator Riley Testut Teases New SNES, Game Boy & Nintendo 64 iOS Emulator 'Delta'

'GBA4iOS' Developer Riley Testut teased the launch of a new emulator, called "Delta" alongside SNES and Game Boy.

by Arah TJ

smartphone teen

Hyperkin 'Smart Boy' E3 2016 News & Updates: Get Your Hands On The Game Boy Device For iPhone And Android

The Smart Boy will change your smartphone into a Game Boy, and it's no longer an April Fools' joke! Find out how to get it!

by Belle Smith


The Ghost Of Wishlists Past: An Open Letter To Mom And Dad About The Consoles You Never Gave Me

Dear Mom and Dad, I’ve asked for a lot of things over the thirty one or so Christmases I have experienced. Not a year went by that I didn’t want some new shiny console, and yet, you always refused. An open letter to you on the pain you have caused.

by Steve Buja

Original Game Boy

This Kickstarter Will Let You Play The Original Game Boy On An HDTV

A new Kickstarter campaign is raising money to produce the "hdmyboy," an add-on for the original Game Boy that lets gamers play their favorite old handheld games on a big screen in full 1080p.

by Connor Sears

Retron 4

The RetroN4 Is All You Need To Relive 16-Bit Memories

NES. SNES. Genesis. Game Boy. All in one box.

by Michael Epstein email:

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