'Genshin Impact' 2.2 Update Major Leaks: Dataminers Leak New Heroes, Ability Change, and More

'Genshin Impact' 2.2 Update Major Leaks: Dataminers Leak New Heroes, Ability Change, and More

Despite the efforts miHoYo made in eradicating them, dataminers still posted leaks regarding the details of possible new heroes for Genshin Impact, including where they will be released. The leaks also revealed changes in abilities for Thoma before his likely release in the game's Patch 2.2 Update.

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'Genshin Impact' Fishing Guide: When and How Long Fishes Respawn + Fishing Spots to Catch Angelfish, Koi

Genshin Impact's Version 2.1 introduced the new Fishing mechanic in the role-playing game. With this mechanic, players can now catch fish for them to eat, collect, and exhange for rewards.

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'Genshin Impact' The Palace in the Pool Puzzle Guide: How to Unlock this Domain

Genshin Impact's Version 2.1 has brought in new heroes and additional new islands in the Archipelago of Inazuma. Among these said new islands, new domains are waiting to be discovered. One of said domains is the one that is inside the Suigetsu Pool, which is located in an island northeast from the Watatsumi Island. In order to gain access to it, players must solve a puzzle.

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'Genshin Impact' Kujou Sara Guide: Abilities, Best Weapons, Ascension Materials

The tengu general of the Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, has come fourth in Genshin Impact as she will roll out with the rest of her fellow new heroes following the Version 2.1 Update. With her trusty bow and Electro-based attacks, she can become a benefitial member to a player's party.

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'Genshin Impact' Aloy Guide: Best Alternative Weapons for Her to Use

Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy is entering the realm of Genshin Impact following the roll out of its Version 2.1 Update. Along with her is the release of her signature weapon, the Predator Bow. But considering that it is a PlayStation-exclusive weapon, there are lots of alternatives for her to equip.

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Floating Island Under the Moonlight

'Genshin Impact' Version 2.1 Update Guide: New Weapons, Islands, Other Elements to Expect

The Version 2.1 Update for Genshin Impact will be rolled out, along with the weapons and islands that it will bring. The said version update for the game will also bring in new characters, including the talked-about Raiden Shogun and the crossover event-exclusive Aloy.

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'Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion 2021 Event Guide: How to Unlock, Release Date, Get Rewards, Bonuses

To celebrate the entry of the possible 2.1 Version in therir next update, Genshin Impact brings back the "Stellar Reunion" event for its returning players. This event will give them the opportunity to pick up everything they miss, including an opportunity to grind in order to level up and keep up with the other players.

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'Genshin Impact' Yoimiya Banner Guide: Move Set, Ascension Materials, Details, Release Date

miHoYo released the latest trailer for Yoimiya, one of the three characters that will be featured in Genshin Impact's Version 2.0. This Pyro character will bring in the boom to her enemies with her fireworks-inspired attacks.

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[LEAKS] 'Genshin Impact' Aloy Update Guide: What are Her Rumored Skills, Materials for 'Ascension'

Several leakers reveal additional details regarding Aloy after miHoYo announced her possible arrival in the game. The leaks contain what kind of attacks that she has as well as materials for her "Ascension."

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Genshin Impact Beidou Guide: How to Get the Character for Free + Best Builds, Claymores for Her

Players of Genshin Impact have the opportunity to own their very own Beidou while completing the "Thunder Sojourn" Event Quest. When they have the said character, they will need to learn what is the best build for her.

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Genshin Impact ‘Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual’ Parts 1 and 2 Guide: Where are the Locations, What to Offer, How to Complete

As Genshin Impact recently rolls out its Version 2.0, its players received new quests, including the "Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual," which is a five-part quest full of puzzle solving and object collecting. This guide will show them how to accomplish the first two parts.

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'Genshin Impact' New Regions 2021 Revealed: What are They, When is the Release Date for Each Region?

miHoYo reveals in their panel for the 2021 Game Developers Conference that they will be releasing four new regions for Genshin Impact. These possible additions to the game will might be rolled out in the next four years.

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'Genshin Impact' Shakkei Pavilion Domain Walkthrough Guide: How to Unlock, Complete Tatara Tales Quest

The Shakkei Pavilion is one of the new domains in the archipelago of Inazuma, the location in focus for Genshin Impact's Version 2.0 Update. This domain, however, is hidden. However, players can unlock through a quest.

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Genshin Impact 'Thunder Sojourn Acts 1 and 2' Event Guide: What are the Requirements, How to Accomplish

Genshin Impact's Version 2.0 brought in the "Thunder Sojourn" set of quests. In these quests, which two out of the four acts are unlocked, you will needs to be as fast of lightning to accomplish them.

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Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy will Crossover to Genshin Impact: Release Date, How to Get This Character and Her Weapon for Free

Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy will be crossing over to the world of Genshin Impact, along with the "Predator" Bow. Both of them can be attainable for free, but only if they have a PlayStation console.

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