'Pokemon Unite' Patch Update Guide: Pokemon Balance Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

'Pokemon Unite' Patch Update Guide: Pokemon Balance Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

After it was successfully released in smarthphones, Pokemon Unite received its Patch, which will bring balance tweaks to the Pokemon in the game's roster. The said patch update also fixed several bugs that might affect its gameplay.

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'Pokemon Go' Secrets of the Jungle Event Research Guide: Zarude Encounter, Jessie and James Returning, and More

In celebration of the release of "Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle," Pokemon Go will have a limited time event of the same name, bringing in new set of rewards of its Trainers. The said event will give them an encounter with the Galarian Mythical Pokemon, Zarude, as well as other Pokemon and other in-game items.

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'Pokemon TCG Live' vs Online FAQ Guide: Release Date, Rules, Supported Platforms, and More

Pokemon TCG Online will be now transformed into "Pokemon TCG Live," and it will bring in new features for the online card game. The said game will also bring in both newcomers and veterans together as they will use cards from current Pokemon TCG Expansion Sets in creating powerful decks.

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'Pokemon Go' Community Day September 2021 Oshawott Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves + How to Catch Shiny Version, and MORE

Pokemon Go's Community Day returns for this month of September, and the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott, will be the focal Pokemon for this event. Aside from the opportunity to catch the said Pokemon, and its shiny variant if they are lucky, Trainers will also receive other rewards and bonuses during the said one-day event.

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Pokemon Go Azelf, Mespirit, Uxie 5-Star Raids Guide: Where Will They Appear, Will There be Shiny Versions + Counters

The Lake Guardians of Sinnoh Region is set to appear in Pokemon Go's 5-Star Raids as part of its month-long "Season of Mischief" event. Trainers will have the opportunity to catch either a Azelf, Mesprit, or Uxie, depending on what region they are in.

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'Pokemon Go' Community Day October 2021 Duskull Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves, and MORE

In celebration of the incoming Halloween season, the Ghost-type Pokemon, Duskull, will be the Pokemon in-focus in Pokemon Go's Community Day for the month of October. Aside from a chance to catch a Shiny version of the said Pokemon, the said event will also bring in rewards and bonuses.

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'Pokemon Go' Psychic Spectacular 2021 Guide: How to Clear this Limited-Time Field Research

Pokemon Go opens the "Psychic Spectacular" Limited-Time Field Research Event for its Trainers as part of the game's month-long "Season of Mischief" event. The said Field Research, once cleared, will reward them in-game items and Pokemon encounters, including one with Inkay, the Revolving Pokemon.

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'Pokemon Go' Safari Zone 2021 Guide: Cities to be Included, How to Buy Tickets, Schedules, and More

After a year of being postponed following the Covid-19 pandemic, Niantic announced that Safari Zones will be returning in Pokemon Go. Three parks in United Kingdom and United States will be participating in the said event, and players can join in, either in-person or play globally.

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'Pokemon Go' Sierra Guide: How to Defeat this Team GO Rocket Leader

The boss of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni, suddenly disappears, and the Trainers are wondering what evil schemes he is planning behind the shadows. While he is away, the evil syndicate's leaders, including Sierra, will continue its dastardly ways, and it is up to the Trainers to stop them.

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'Pokemon Go' Season of Mischief Hoopa Guide: How to Earn the Chance to Catch this Pokemon + More Details

Pokemon Go announced the coming of the "Season of Mischief," and in that event, the mythical Pokemon Hoopa will be appearing in the wild. In order to have a chance to catch the said Pokemon, Trainers will need to accomplish the event-exclusive Special Research tasks.

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'Pokemon Unite' Leaks Blastoise, Greedent Debut: Movesets + Other Pokemon Expected to Come

A leak circulating on Twitter pointed out the addition of Greedent in Pokemon Unite, as well as a possible moveset for Blastoise. Meanwhile, three new Pokemon will be added in the game's roster, as Blessey will be coming after its patch update while Sylveon and Mamoswine is set to be released in the near future.

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'Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Starter Pokemon Guide: Which Should be the Best One for Trainers to Have

In "Pokemon Legends:Arceus," Pokemon from different generations have come to the Hisui Region for Trainers to see and catch. This also includes the game's starters, which are also from their respective Pokemon Generations.

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'Pokemon Go' Mega Beedrill Raid Guide: Weakness, Counters, Best Movesets

In this week's Mega Raids for Pokemon Go's Ultra Unlock Part Three: Week 1 - Sword, Trainers will have a chance to battle, and catch, Mega Beedrill.

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'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl' Remake Guide: Pre-Order Bonuses, Release Date, Everything to Expect

The Pokemon Company announced the release of "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," a remake of the Nintendo DS game, "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl." Along with several elements from the original game, the game will also bring in new features that players would enjoy.

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'Pokemon Go' Eevee Community Day Guide: How to Complete 'What You Choose to Be' Special Research Tasks + MORE

Pokemon Go's Community Day Event returns for Trainers to enjoy the day together. This time, the said event will be focused on Eevee, the Pokemon with many Evolutions. Trainers may now have the opportunity to catch this Pokemon as well as accomplishing the "What You Choose to Be" Special Research Tasks.

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