Advertisement promoting SNES emulator for the Ouya pulled

Advertisement promoting SNES emulator for the Ouya pulled

UK retailer GAME pulls an advertisement showing that the Ouya can run emulators, re-introducing the grey area of copyright infringement and piracy

by Luke Caulfield

Urban Champion

Series Nintendo should bring back that’s not Starfox or F-Zero

The Big N has other grand franchises that don'’t involve high speed racing or an ace fox pilot.

by Ural Garrett

Borderlands 2

Here's how game developers pay tribute to their fans - the players

It may seem like a long, long time ago, but developers did actually acknowledge their fan base, sometimes giving them praise in creative ways. Here are a few of the best.

by Luke Caulfield

Punch Out!

Barrage of Nintendo Classics Set To Hit Wii U's Virtual Console This Week

NES and SNES greats like 'Punch-Out!,' 'Super Mario World' and 'Kirby's Adventure' arrive this week. Finally.

by Luke Caulfield


Nintendo Doesn't Care About NES, N64, And SNES Emulators In The Ouya

Nintendo's mind is on things other than emulators. Like falling sales.

by Luke Caulfield


UPDATE: Ouya To Offer Emulators At Launch? [RUMOR]

Ouya, the Android-based console, may launch with emulators for old Nintendo systems. Would they really risk getting involved in such a legal grey area?

by Luke Caulfield

Duck Tales Remastered

"Duck Tales: Remastered": Seven Other Classics that Need Reviving

'Goof Troop,' 'The Lion King' and 'Gain Ground' and other classics that need to come back.

by Trevor Ruben

NHL '94 Celebrates 20 Years of EA's 'NHL '94'

'NHL '94' gets love from Remember those days?

by Luke Caulfield

Retron 4

The RetroN4 Is All You Need To Relive 16-Bit Memories

NES. SNES. Genesis. Game Boy. All in one box.

by Michael Epstein email:

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