Official 'EVO 2017' Lineup Revealed

Official 'EVO 2017' Lineup Revealed

With over 14,000 registered competitors, Last year's "EVO" fighting game tournament reportedly shattered previous records.

by Michael Augustin

Genesis 4 Trailer: Mew2King

Genesis 4 Tournament Reportedly Ends With Controversy

The "Super Smash Bros Melee" tournament came to a close without any issues this weekend during the "Genesis 4" event.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo Switch

‘Nintendo Switch’ News & Update: GameCube Titles Coming To Nintendo's Next Console?

Rumors are circulating online that "Nintendo Switch" could play GameCube titles.

by Carla Grace Mesina

Super Smash Bros Melee

'Super Smash Bros' Melee Latest News and Updates: Use of CRT TV Units Still Popular Among Gamers

The use of old technology is still popular when playing "Super Smash Bros"Melee.

by Nens Mitchell

Twitch TV

What to watch on Twitch this weekend: Starcraft, Magic, and More

Whether you've been a longtime Twitch viewer since the days of or you recently became addicted to the streaming service via the newly-released Xbox App, there's never a bad time to fire up Twitch and see what the Internet's top gamers are up to.

by Mike Andronico

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