'No Man's Sky' Release Date, News & Update: Sean Murray Reveals Game's 18 Quintillion Planets Only Takes 6GB Of Data; Certifications Already Passed! First  Update Now Being Worked On!

'No Man's Sky' Release Date, News & Update: Sean Murray Reveals Game's 18 Quintillion Planets Only Takes 6GB Of Data; Certifications Already Passed! First Update Now Being Worked On!

Sean Murray and Hello Games are, evidenlty, busy producing "No Man's Sky" as its official release date is fast approaching.

by Jeanne Anne

Microsoft Holds Its Xbox 2016 Briefing During Annual E3 Gaming Conference

'Tekken 7' Release Date, News & Update: Katsuhiro Harada Faces Twitter War For Revealing US SJW Prevents The Inclusion Of Swimsuit On The Title

Fans have been waiting for the release of "Tekken 7" along with the inclusion of swimsuit, but with Katsuhiro Harada's remarks, many got angered.

by Jeanne Anne

Marissa Mayer

Twitter Almost Merged With Yahoo

Yahoo is a company that was once at the top of the Internet chain though Google eventually rose and overtook them. To date, Yahoo continues to struggle despite efforts to ramp up services but sadly those were not enough to allegedly convince Twitter for a potential tie up.

by Snooky Grawls

Frankfurt Book Fair - Day 5

Social Media Sites Including Facebook, Twitter & YouTube To Combat Online Hate Speech In Europe

Social media websites including Facbook, Twitter and YouTube vowed to eradicate "online hate speech" during a conference in Europe.

by Timothy Roberts

Twitter logo

Twitter Will No Longer Count Images And Usernames In Its 140-Character Limit

Twitter is scrapping several elements in its character limit count.

by V Doctor


Twitter To Give Tweets Room For Pics And Link?: Reasons Why It's Probably A Good Idea Now

Twitter's character limit to stay at 140 but will not cover photos and link? Find out what's in store for your tweets.

by Roleen Delos Reyes


Twitter DM Update Allows All Users To Privately Message One Another, But Feature Is Optional & Off By Default

Twitter made a change to its direct messaging feature this morning, one that initially caused a wave of negative feedback.

by Matthew Buzzi


Twitter Is Paying To Collect Cell Phone Numbers Through Its New App Development Platform Fabric

Personal information is valuable to companies who can sell ads and target demographics, and Twitter is indirectly collecting your cell phone numbers to achieve this.

by Matthew Buzzi

Paranautical Activity

Indie Developer Threatens To Kill Gabe Newell Over A Promotional Mistake, Steps Down From Studio After Valve Pulls His Game From Steam

Developing video games can be a difficult path, especially for an indie studio, but angrily tweeting about Valve and threatening Gabe Newell while trying to sell your title on Steam is not the wisest way navigate the industry's obstacles.

by Matthew Buzzi


Twitpic Stops Services, Blames Twitter For Its Demise

Image sharing company Twitpic, one of the first applications that allowed sharing pictures on Twitter back in the site's infant days, is shutting down. The company is claiming that Twitter is pushing them out.

by Barry Eitel


Twitter Building Facebook-Like Curated Newsfeeds

With every update to Facebook's newsfeed, there is a chorus of anger and usually a few "I'm getting off this train" statements from people who never actually leave the service. In the past several years, the social media giant has focused on curating and adjusting your feed to give you what its robots believe you want, even if that's not what you want.

by Barry Eitel


What Hath Gamergate Wrought? PewDiePie Shuts Off Comments

Emperor of YouTube PewDiePie has shut off his comments in light of their worsening quality. Instead, he will communicate with his fans on Reddit and Twitter.

by Luca Saitta


If It Ain't Broke: Twitter Users React Unfavorably To News Feed Experiements

You know how on a Facebook News Feed, you'll occasionally see notifications about how one friend liked a random page or status and how another friend connected with someone you've never met? Over the past couple of weeks, Twitter has apparently been experimenting with doing similar things with your Twitter feed, as well.

by Connor Sears

Xbox Apps

46 New 'Entertainment Experiences' Coming Including HBO GO, Twitter, Vine, MLG, And More

Microsoft has announced more than 45 new entertainment apps coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 by the end of this holiday season.

by Matthew Buzzi

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Sony's Snafu and Microsoft's Misstep Echo Throughout the Twitterverse

Moral of the story? Always double check your tweets.

by Luke Caulfield

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