Unreleased Xbox 360 Mega Bloks 'Halo' Game Footage Surfaces Online

Unreleased Xbox 360 Mega Bloks 'Halo' Game Footage Surfaces Online

Microsoft was reportedly making a kid-friendly "Halo" game collaboration with Mega Bloks for the Xbox 360, but the game was unexpectedly cancelled.

by Michael Augustin

Killing Floor 2 full match gameplay - Tripwire + PC Gamer @ 60fps

'Killing Floor 2' Latest News & Update: Game Is out Now, Up To Six Players Can Team Up For A Bloody Battle

'Killing Floor 2' has been launched and Tripwire Interactive is allowing up to six players to team up to fight the zombies.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake

Fan Spends Free Time Recreating Resident Evil 2 With Unreal Engine

A remake of Resident Evil 2 exist thanks to the dedication of one fan but unfortunately, we will probably never get to play. Although a video exists so everyone can see what hard work and dedication can get you: an awesome game.

by Donyae

Couch Knights

Epic Games Shows Unreal Engine 4 on Oculus Rift via Couch Knights Multiplayer Demo

The Unreal Engine has never been used for a cuter game.

by Alex Riviello

Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Engine 3 will now serve the United States military

UE3 now works with the military. How cool is that?

by Prarthito Maity

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