Video Game Industry Dismisses Violence And Gaming Link in Upcoming Documentary

Video Game Industry Dismisses Violence And Gaming Link in Upcoming Documentary

The video game community says their is no proof that video games cause real world violence.

by James Dohnert

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Study: Violent Media Not A Predictor Of Criminal Behavior

Reports counters claims that violent video games lead to violent behaviors.

by James Dohnert

Violence in video games

Tax Violent Video Games? Vice President Joe Biden Sees A Strong Possibility

Video games and movies in the cross hairs of politicians. Again.

by Binu Paul

Violence in video games

Study Suggests Violent Video Games Desensitize Teens

Research reveals subjects had higher stress and anxiety levels after playing violent video games.

by Ural Garrett

Hitman: Absolution

Today's Lazy Connection Between Video Games And Real World Violence

CBS 2 Chicago thinks gamers want to shoot police officers. Let them know how wrong they are.

by Kamau High

Sandy Hook

Adam Lanza Went for "High Score" As Mass Killer, Say CT Police

Sandy Hook Elementary killer's gaming and obsession with mass murder may have played a role in the shooting.

by Michael Epstein

Nathon Brooks

Teen Shoots Parents For Taking His Games Away

Teenager Nathon Brooks' parents took his games away. Police say he shot them in response.

by Michael Epstein

Dead Space 3

Sandy Hook Representative Proposes State Tax for M-Rated Games

A Connecticut state Representative whose district includes Newtown wants to tax games with mature themes.

by Michael Epstein email:

Violence in video games

Another Day, Another Politician Says Something Stupid About Video Games

Sen. Lamar Alexander steps up to plate,

by Luke Caulfield

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