'Overwatch' Users Report Broken Game Modes After 'Uprising' Update

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 13, 2017 07:40 AM EDT

"Overwatch" fans gave officially welcomed the latest seasonal event for the team-based shooter which is entitled "Uprising". The new mode contains some story elements that have players experience Tracer's first mission with the "Overwatch" strike team. The story supposedly takes place seven years before the fated Omnic Crisis, but already features an omnic disturbance in London. The seasonal event also introduces a new PVE game mode, along with several new skins, items and unfortunately some problems as well.

It has been reported that Blizzard Entertainment had to disable some of the game modes and features in "Overwatch". It seems that the "Uprising" seasonal event update has encountered some technical problems with the server since the patch has gone live, say Game Rant. However, the new update does not only deliver the new skins and game modes. Patch 2.09 also includes a new buff for Lucio, which was extensively tested on the PTR and approved for release for all platforms.

Meanwhile, the technical issues that came along with the "Uprising" patch forced the developer to temporarily disable Custom Game saves, 3V3 elimination and 6V6 Capture the Flag modes. Sources also note that the issues are not exclusive to a single platform. It seems like the latest "Overwatch" seasonal event has affected all three platforms at the same time. The developer has not issued an ETA for the fix but it is expected to be back to normal.

On the other hand, gamers can experience the new PVE mode offered by the "Uprising" patch for "Overwatch". Players can still play with the other modes as well as the new one to earn XP and grab loot boxes to score some sweet skins and more. It was also reported that Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the shooter's 25th hero is almost done and has been play-tested constantly. Speculations continue to zero in on the possibility that it would finally be Doomfist.

Gamenguide has previously reported that the new content in the "Uprising" seasonal event was leaked a day before its official reveal. "Overwatch" fans were already speculating that the shooter will bring back a PVE Brawl as well as some story content.

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