Pokemon Shuffle

'Pokemon Shuffle' Celebrates 3.5 Million Downloads With Special Mythic Pokemon Celebi Limited Time Event

Apr 27, 2015 03:30 AM EDT

Just two months after its release, Pokemon Shuffle has garnered a lot of downloads. To celebrate, a limited time event will feature Mythic Pokemon Celebi.

Silent Hills

'Silent Hills' Has Gotten The Axe From Konami, 'P.T.' Demo Getting Pulled From PSN

Apr 27, 2015 03:05 AM EDT

Guillermo del Toro must be used to this by now. Another upcoming horror project has been laid to rest.

Rocket League

Rocket League Beta Signups Now Open, First-Come First-Serve Vouchers For Vehicular Sports-Action PS4 Title

Apr 26, 2015 10:43 PM EDT

Beta signup for Rocket League, sequel to vehicular sports-action title Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, is now available.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Paint It Black With The First In-Game Footage Of Black Ops III's Futuristic Super Soldiers

Apr 26, 2015 07:26 PM EDT

As the teaser videos promised, the full debut trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III has been released.

Halo MCC

Halo The Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Ranks: HCS & Team Slayer Now Boast Skill Ranking Systems

Apr 24, 2015 04:43 PM EDT

As of yesterday, HCS and Team Slayer have finally been given rank--and skill matchmaking has been improved.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Watch The New Witcher 3 TV Spot And See Geralt Do What Only A Monster-Hunter Can

Apr 24, 2015 04:18 PM EDT

Whether you've played as Geralt in past Witcher titles or not, you have to appreciate his monster-hunter efficiency in the new trailer.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X Livestream: Watch The Video Showcase And Nintendo Treehouse Presentation Now

Apr 24, 2015 01:47 PM EDT

Nintendo will be hosting a livestream today to show off upcoming Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X, tune in now!

Xbox One and PS4

Sales For Xbox Consoles Dropped Last Quarter Compared To Last Year, Revenue Down

Apr 24, 2015 11:01 AM EDT

Microsoft's latest Xbox financial report doesn't paint a great picture for the company's consoles, with sales for the last quarter ending in a 20 percent year-over-year drop.


Here's What Xur Is Selling In Destiny This Weekend, And Where To Find Him

Apr 24, 2015 09:58 AM EDT

It's Friday again, meaning mysterious Destiny vendor Xûr is back as well--here's where he is and what he's selling this weekend.

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

The Siberian Wolves Come Out To Play In The Latest Update To 'World Of Tanks' Xbox 360 Edition

Apr 24, 2015 09:33 AM EDT

Wargaming has announced the next update to the Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks, which will offer a whole new line of medium Soviet tanks. In Soviet Russia, wolf pack hunts you.

Mad Max

The Car Customization Belongs To The Mad. The First Gameplay Trailer For 'Mad Max' Arrives, And Is Glorious

Apr 24, 2015 09:20 AM EDT

Avalanche, the guys behind Just Cause 2, have released a new gameplay trailer for Mad Max. and oh what a lovely day.

Mario Kart 8

This Week's Nintendo eShop Update Adds 'Mario Kart 8' Update And DLC, 'Mario Kart DS' For Wii U & More

Apr 23, 2015 03:10 PM EDT

Thursday may be exciting for most because it means the end of the week is near, but it also means something else to loyal Nintendo fans: an eShop and Virtual Console update has arrived!

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

'Overlord: Fellowship of Evil' Announced, Boasts New 4-Player Co-op Format, Rhianna Pratchett Script

Apr 23, 2015 11:29 AM EDT

Overlord is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, but in a form you didn't expect- a four-player co-op game with an entirely new perspective.

Legend of Kay Anniversary

Nordic Games Bringing Classic 'Legend of Kay Anniversary' Back This Summer

Apr 23, 2015 11:03 AM EDT

Nordic Games has announced that Legend of Kay: Anniversary- a remastered of the 10-year-old game- will be released this Summer.


Bungie's Destiny House Of Wolves Livestream Revealed Fully Upgradeable Legendaries & Exotics, Expanded Material Trading

Apr 23, 2015 10:50 AM EDT

Bungie held a livestream yesterday to show off Destiny's next expansion, House of Wolves, and much of what is revealed will excite fans.

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