‘GTA Online: Tiny Racers’ New Mode Is Just Like ‘GTA 1’ & ‘GTA 2’; Discounts On Weed Farm, Upgrades Available

By Mia P. , Updated May 02, 2017 01:53 PM EDT

The "GTA Online: Tiny Racers" publisher took to Twitter to reveal a fresh new take on the classic action-adventure game. Rockstar Games launched the first trailer to "GTA Online: Tiny Racers" via YouTube revealing new features coming to the hit title. The announcement came with the revelation of the "Tiny Racers" launch date which has already been released on April 25.

New Mode To Try Out Next Week

"GTA Online" fans may opt to try out the latest "GTA Online: Tiny Racers" coming to the game next week. The game is expected to allow gamers to battle with each other in a top-down presentation similar to the Spy Hunter. In addition, there will be a lot of weapon pickups as well as loads of chaos as in the "GTA Online: Tiny Racers" trailer. The video shows a great look at the retro-inspired stunt racing all-new mode, Entertainment Buddha reported.

"GTA Online" Is Going Old School With The New Mode

Meanwhile, the "Grand Theft Auto 5" online component is getting a new mode called "GTA Online: Tiny Racers" that may cause one to experience déjà vu as it is anything but new, Polygon reported. The stunt racing game mode allows players to play the game from a top-down perspective. It should be noted the first two games of the "Grand Theft Auto" on the original PlayStation featured this mode of gaming.

"GTA Online: Tiny Racers" embarks gamers on a mission to compete for power-ups such as a parachute, a rocket or a machine gun. Racers may then use these special power-ups to deploy against their opponents. On the other hand, drivers may also opt to ram others off the track if so desired.

"GTA Online: Tiny Racers" features a camera angle that is comparable to that of Hot Wheels. In the meantime, the "Grand Theft Auto 5" publisher also offered some bonuses in honor of the April 20 holiday.

Rockstar Games rolled out a 50 percent discount on the weed farm businesses as well as the cost it takes to upgrade them. In addition, Rockstar also rolled out a 50 percent bonus for the owners of weed sales businesses. Moreover, green tire smoke at the LS Customs was also enjoyed a 50 percent discount from Rockstar Games.


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