‘Clash Royale’: Supercell Plans To Add New Game Mode, 3 New Cards Released Date Delayed

By Paige McClure , Updated Apr 25, 2017 10:04 PM EDT

"Clash Royale" is obviously a big hit to a lot of gamers, keeping Supercell busy in consistently improving the game. Now, the game developer is brewing plans of adding a new PvE game mode in the future. However, players may be saddened by the delayed release of the highly anticipated 3 new cards to be added to the game.

According to Telegiz, Supercell's Community Manager, Tim, has expressed that the game mode is aimed to attract casual gamers. Tim has explained that Supercell is providing gamers with PvE mode that is more casual than that of PvP. Players can expect to see more casual play options in "Clash Royale".

It is also confirmed by Tim that the 3 new cards are supposed to be released last March, following the launch of Bandit card. However, the delay was a decision coming from Supercell as they have prior commitments that needed to be prioritized.

The 3 new cards of "Clash Royale", namely Bats, Night Witch, and Heal Spell which needed unlocking. Supercell is providing players with a number of challenges in order for the cards to be unlocked. For instance, the Night Witch can be unlocked through a challenge called Insane Draft Challenge.

The Night Witch has very interesting abilities as it can target terrestrials and cause a great amount of damage when using its rod. Also, the Night Witch has the ability to create bats which can easily regenerate after two seconds. This card will be much helpful to players in the battlefield.

Despite the reports, Supercell has not yet released any statement as to how many wins a player has to achieve before he can obtain Night Witch as a reward. Furthermore, players will need to wait for more update since "Clash Royale" devs have not really confirmed the release date of the said cards.

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