‘Clash Royale’: Supercell Plans To Add New Game Mode, 3 New Cards Released Date Delayed

‘Clash Royale’: Supercell Plans To Add New Game Mode, 3 New Cards Released Date Delayed

Supercell is brewing plans of adding a new PvE game mode in the future. However, players may be saddened by the delayed release of the highly anticipated 3 new cards to be added to the game.

by Paige McClure

Clash Royale Clone Spell • NEW CARD IN CLASH ROYALE

‘Clash Royale’ Update: Patch Increases Deployment Time; Elite Barbarians Nerfed

“Clash Royale” is getting a new update. In addition, rumors have been circulating that a new legendary card is coming to the game soon.

by Mia P.

‘Clash Royale’ 4 New Cards Tips & Latest News: Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner Sneak Peek!

‘Clash Royale’ Update: 2v2 Clan Battle Mode On March 24; Elixir Replenish 15% Slower

“Clash Royale” players will soon experience something like a mini clan war. The latest leak suggests that starting on March 24, they can bring along a clan mate and choose the new 2v2 Clan Battle mode.

by Ben Lindon

Clash Royale: The Last Second (Official Commercial)

'Clash Royale' Crisis: Leaked Update Revealed; Goblin Ninja Cards Added By Supercell, Tips and Features Boost Players' Gameplay to Outpace 'Pokemon Go'

Supercell created "Clash Royale" to become one of the supreme gaming franchise of this generation but gamers could still expect a revamped version of the game along with the possible entry of Ninja cards and other features to counter competitors' update such as "Pokemon Go."

by Paige McClure


'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: New Cards & Events Coming

"Clash Royale" is a free to play game and strategy game that has been developed by Supercell.

by Jerome

Clash Royale

‘Clash Royale’ Latest News & Update: Supercell Unveils ‘Hero’ Rarity Cards? New Abilities, Troops, & Challenges Soon To Come Out!

Leaked ‘Clash Royale’ new "Hero" cards and other updates will soon delight the fans! Although not confirmed yet it's worthy to hear about what it entails. So, be sure to read about it.

by Din

“Clash Of Clans” December 2016 Balancing and Update News: Supercell Confirms Game Play Balancing & New In-Game Event In First Sneak Peak!

Supercell provides the first sneak peak for the December 2016 balancing and update for “Clash Of Clans.” Supercell confirms that a game play balancing and a new in-game event will be included in their December 2016 Update.

by Nathan Enzo

'Clash of Clans' December Update News: Christmas-Themed Update Confirmed Arriving Before Christmas? Ice Wizard from 'Clash Royal' Coming! Features & Gameplay Details

The hit mobile game "Clash of Clans" is set to receive a holiday-themed update from game developer and publisher Supercell sometime soon. However, fans have been somewhat worried, as Supercell is usually transparent when it comes to teasing its updates, but the new and upcoming one does not have any. However, the web is not short of any rumors regarding the new "Clash of Clans" update.

by Christian M.

‘Clash Royale’ 4 New Cards Tips & Latest News: Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner Sneak Peek!

‘Clash Royale’ 4 New Cards Latest News & Update: Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner Sneak Peek!

‘Clash Royale’ 4 New Cards: Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram And Executioner recently landed! Know the latest news about them.

by Din

Clash Royale Red Event 2016!

'Clash Royale' News & Update: Product Red Event; Something You Must Know

The Red Event is an iOS-exclusive event that enables players to purchase an exclusive “Red Pack."

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Clash Royale | Tornado | Intro to Using

'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: Mobile Game Features Friendly Battle Feature & Elite Barbarian Troops In Recent Update; More Updates Coming Soon!

New features for "Clash Royale" in its recent update. Plus, more in-game features to be added in the following months to come.

by Daniel Flores

Clash Royale: Theme Song (Official TV Commercial)

‘Clash Royale’ Latest News & Update: New Meta Card Coming Soon; Supercell Also Adding ‘Clash Of Clans’ Barbarian King & Archer Queen?

The “Clash Royale” meta cards that were reported to be leaked are Clone Spell, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians and Tornado.

by AASalvador


'Clash Royale’ Latest News & Update: New Patch To Feature Four New Cards; Dragon Baby Clones, Elite Barbarians & More

A leak of the upcoming "Clash Royale" cards surfaced online, revealing new troops and spells.

by V Doctor

Clash Royale

‘Clash Royale’ 2016 Latest News & Update: New Cards Leaked! New Crazy Effective Legendary & Common Card Introduced! More Gameplay Details [VIDEO]

There has been recent rumors online of what could be the next set of cards that will be introduced for "Clash Royale." These are the three new "Clash Royale" cards that will most likely be included in future updates.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

Clash Royale | Intro to Ice Golem | New Sponge!

'Clash Royale' Latest News & Updates: Ice Golem Reveal Causes Mixed Reactions; How Should Players Capitalize?

Being one of Supercell's ace games, "Clash Royale" certainly has more to offer than what it has before, now pointing to the Ice Golem.

by Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano

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