Microsoft Shares Project Scorpio Dev Kit Video

By Michael Augustin , Updated May 07, 2017 07:58 AM EDT

Fans eagerly waiting for any news about Microsoft's Project Scorpio were finally able to see pictures of the dev kit a few weeks ago. Now, the developers have reportedly shared a video that shows the dev kit in action. Windows Central senior editor Jez Corden reportedly shared a video of the new flagship console through his Twitter account. He posted a message on it that says, "Scorpio dev kit. Kinda sexy, no?"

The Project Scorpio dev kit obviously sports a simple design that is similar to the Xbox One S. It is understandable given that the final design might be entirely different. Meanwhile, it has been reported that fans apparently like the OLED display that supposedly shows the system performance and its FPS counter. Game Rant claims that most of the gamers seem to like the idea that Microsoft will retain the OLED display on its final design for the console.

A Twitter user even replied to the tweet and said, "please keep the display with the FPS. That's fantastic." Another fan also wanted the same thing on the Project Scorpio's final release unit. Apparently, fans want the OLED display intact to monitor the console's real-time performance. Users are hoping Microsoft is listening to their fans and end up keeping the display when they finally unveil the final retail product design.

According to reports, the Project Scorpio dev kit sports a higher memory compared to the retail version of the new console. It also carries another 1TB SSD as well as four more compute units than the regular model. The size of the final product is also subject to speculation since the dev kits tend to be larger than the retail models. Microsoft has not yet confirmed if they will keep the OLED counter on the final design just yet.

The company has confirmed that the posted video of the Project Scorpio dev kit will be the only one until they finally reveal the console at E3 2017. Microsoft has already shared the schedule for the E3 press conference where fans expect to finally see the final product. As a response, Gamenguide reports that Sony is speculated to give its current platforms a price cut to attract more gamers.

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