[LEAKS] PSVR 2 Guide: Systems Specs, Controllers, PS4 & PS5 Compatible Games + More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 05, 2021 03:01 AM EDT
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Several leakers have revealed Sony's plans for a brand new virtual reality headset system that will be usable for the PlayStation 5. This is years after they released the PlayStation VR system for their PlayStation 4.

Before the said leaks, the company had announced their plans on making one while provided a sneak peak of what the controllers for the new VR system looks like in a launch last March.

After this event, Sony did not release any further information regarding the planned "PlayStation VR 2 or PSVR2"  not even details on what would be inside of the said VR headset.

PSVR 2 System Specs, Controllers, Other Details

According to Gaming Intel, the said leak revealed the rumored hardware specs that will be inside the planned PlayStation VR 2. The said VR headset will have a Fresnel Organic LED (OLED) that has a resolution of 2000x2040 pixels per eye.

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It will also give a full 4K HD Resolution display and its Field of View (FOV) will be 110 degrees, which is 10 degrees wider than the PlayStation VR headset and 20 degrees more than the Oculus Quest 2. This wider FOV will allow a little extra immersion every time its user plays a video game.

The rumored PlayStation VR 2 is said to be capable of Flexible Scaling, which will dedicate the headset's resources in rendering the area of a player's focus, as well as it can do Foveated Rendering and Eye Tracking, which will dramatically decrease the strain on the hardware.

According to VGC, the said new VR headset for Sony will also has a lens separation adjustment dial and a vibration motor that will provide haptic feedback.

As mentioned earlier, the company revealed the details regarding the planned VR headset's accompanied controllers.

According to a separate article from Gaming Intel, Sony confirmed that the controllers will feature both Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback, which is also inside of the PlayStation 5's DualSense controllers.

With these technologies inside of the controllers, players will be able to feel the tension from the game on their trigger buttons and adds the further immersion to the VR experience.

Also, because of the installed Haptic Feedback, every sensation in the game would feel more impactful, textured, and nuanced.

The said controllers will also feature a capacitive Finger Touch Detection on the thumb, index, and middle fingers, which allow users to make natural gestures while playing the game with their hands.

This feature will also work even without applying pressure on the controller itself, as well as it will know what that player's hands are doing at a moment and know how far its fingers are from its surface.

Finally, the controllers can be tracked independently via the VR headsets' tracking ring, and due to its modern shape, the controllers can be tracked by the headset perfectly.

Compatible Games

According to Gaming Intel, Sony might move away from those games that offers a VR experience and instead focus on AAA video game titles, including hybrid ones that can be playable in both the TV screen and in the PlayStation VR 2 headset.

According to The Verge, Sony's goal is to have that optional VR support in those games just like what Resident Evil 7 and No Man's Sky received on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

This would mean that if the said games would launch, players might able to download them either as a regular version or as the PlayStation VR 2 version. This option can helpful because it can save storage space.

Sony might also plan to remaster a number of games that were playable in the original PlayStation VR for the rumored VR headset hardware.

Possible Release Date

According to The Verge, Sony might not launch the rumored PlayStation VR 2 headset until 2022 during the holiday season.

However they might finalize and release fully the details regarding it within this year. Right now, Sony is still full invested in the original PlayStation VR as it was still receiving new and updated games, including one for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

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