How a Gaming Desk Can Affect Your Performance

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 24, 2021 11:29 PM EDT
Gaming desktop
Gaming desktop
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Purchasing a gaming desk is no luxury, in fact, upgrading your setup has proven to be effective in improving one's performance as well. A standing desk does have its benefits and this is something not a lot of people know about. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing obvious advantage, there are also other tactical advantages to buying a height adjustable desk.

Importance of Good Equipment

Purchasing good equipment has a direct advantage for the user in both the way they position themselves and the way they function. For example, did you know that most mechanical keyboards boost typing speed by up to 30% on average?

This might not seem like much but for example, when one is paid a dollar per word and they write 100 words in 5 minutes, they could earn an extra 30 dollars within that time frame! The same thing goes with buying a standing desk. Although it might not affect the speed of one's typing, it actually affects something equally important, their posture through angling the gaming desk.

Investing in good equipment allows you to increase your performance by just a fraction but that fraction could actually be quite significant as well. Either for work or for play, a standing desk is built to provide a more technical advantage through positioning.

Benefits of Buying a Height Adjustable Desk

There are multiple elements to picking out the perfect gaming desk. Although most of these desks are already designed to carry this advantage, only the right desk would provide these features at a fair price.

1. Quick and smooth adjustments

The gaming desk has to be hassle-free when adjusting meaning it has to slide smoothly without much resistance. There are some gaming chairs that are designed without the "easy adjust" technology and this can be dangerous since harsh pulls can potentially damage the desk itself. It is important that you can easily adjust the height of your gaming desk without much resistance.

2. Environmentally friendly desktop

The production and function of the desktop is very important. For those that don't know, metal gathers heat in greater quantities compared to wood. This means that if you are using a metal desk, your PC or laptop is more prone to overheating. Wood, however, isn't just the only material that is environmentally friendly and can be quite heavy. Environmentally friendly chipboard is the latest technology that provides not only better functionality, but also the guarantee that it was manufactured ethically.

3. Standard keypad

When adjusting a table, manual adjusting can be very dangerous. There have been many accidents in the past that happened due to the lack of buttons and the user had to adjust the desktop manually. Although this might seem like a basic feature, this is a huge must have when buying a height adjustable desk.

When comparing different gaming desks, GameNGuide has found the FlexiSpot standing desk to be the most effective, reliable, and price friendly standing desk.

Why the Gaming Desk is Better

When comparing the gaming desk that GameNGuide had picked, there were a number of advantages that were found compared to other height adjustable desk. The advantages found were quite significant and resulted in better performance.

  • Double-steel tubing

The equipment is able to maintain its figure as the frame's very own double-steel tubing provides the user with a stronger support for the jostling which comes through energetic gaming. The equipment basically stays secure whether the user is sitting or standing. Other products usually wobble once the desk is in standing position but this one does not.

  • Stability

The standing desk is engineered to provide the industry-leading stability that really provides a huge advantage to its users. Not only does the desk not wobble, it makes sure the setup is safely positioned and immovable.

  • Noise levels

Most adjustable products can be quite noisy to listen to whenever they are being adjusted. This particular height adjustable desk, however, does not make that irritating sound. While this might not sound like a big deal, minimal sound actually means that the gears fit together much better and there is only minimal corrosion which could potentially damage them in the long run. Due to the desk's silent movement, you can tell that the technology is designed for longevity.

When to buy a gaming desk

While the benefits of a gaming desk are proven, most people still question its practicality. While it might be more expensive compared to a conventional desk, it does provide more advantages compared to a normal desk as well.

Here's when you need to buy a gaming desk.

1. When your equipment is getting bigger

When you're accumulating more equipment, it is never wise to fit everything cramply on a small desk, you'll need more space and a secure place to put the equipment. A standing desk offers a decent amount of space for your PC, laptop, and other essentials you might need.

2. When you use your computer for long hours straight

Sitting down for long hours is not healthy. For this reason, it is very much advisable that users stand every once in a while hence the advantage of a standing desk. When standing up while using your computer, you'll allow blood to flow faster thus making you more productive. Your body can get too lax when you are just sitting and this is not always necessarily a good thing. You need to stand up every once in a while and for those that can't leave their computer, this is a perfect solution.

3. When your hands are starting to hurt

The positioning of your hands is very important. Carpal tunnel is the end result of not taking care of your nerves and hands. Although this is rare, you risk damaging your hands when you aren't typing at the right angle. Sometimes adjustable chairs don't always cut it, you'll need the right height adjustable desk as well.

When picking out the right gaming chair, only choose the best to make sure you get a durable, effective, and long-lasting standing desk. GameNGuide recommends FlexiSpot.

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