'Titanfall' in 'Minecraft': Modded Server Lets You Play a Remake of the Xbox One Shooter Called 'Ironfall' [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 07, 2014 07:10 PM EDT

Titanfall has been a huge hit on Xbox One and PC--so much so that it's been deemed worthy of recreation in Minecraft.

The user-created Minecraft version of the multiplayer online shooter is called Ironfall, and you fight other players with gameplay that borrow heavily from most Titanfall mechanics. The titular Titans are called Golems in the Minecraft game, though, and we have footage of it in action below courtesy of BrenyBeast.

The general rule of thumb seems to be if something is at all popular, a Minecraft version of it has been made. We've seen huge Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings recreations, and any other property you can think of probably has a Minecraft as well.

Unlike Titanfall, Ironfall is 8v8, though there can only be 4 Golems active at any time for each team, and the first team to 100 wins. Right now, there is only one map available--Rise--for attrition mode, but more are in the works. When "ironfall" is activated (the game's equivalent of dropping your mech onto the battlefield), a green circle appears on the ground where it will land, and you can hop in and pilot the machine when it does.

More advanced gameplay features seen in Titanfall such as pilot ejections, killstreaks and double jumps are present in the game. There are even loadouts, and though the game is still in beta, it's a pretty impressive package for a fan production. It will continue to be improved, but for now you can check out the current state of the game in the video below, and play it yourself on the game's server here.

Source: Kotaku

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