'FIFA 14' Glitch Compilation is Hilariously Entertaining [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 24, 2014 07:03 PM EDT

FIFA glitches have become fairly well-known on the internet over the past few years, providing many a hilarious image or video. The latest batch is no exception as the match engine runs amok on multiple occasions, leading to broken physics and just plain strange behavior by the player AI.

These types of glitches were not quite as common in older versions of FIFA, but changes made to the last few annual releases have provided us with many more amusing videos like this.

In a concerted effort to create a better physics engine where players collide more realistically, which they did, EA Sports has simply opened up many more opportunities for things to go wrong. When players or the ball come together in an engine that's trying to simulate real physics constantly, there's a higher chance of it failing.

It can be pretty frustrating when you're playing to experience a game-breaking glitch, but more often than not they're just hilarious. I've encountered many myself over the years, including one instance where the opponent's players were absolutely gigantic--at least nine feet tall. It made things pretty unfair, sure, but my friends and I were too busy being amused to actually get frustrated at the game.

Explaining individual instances of the glitches in this video with text is not nearly as funny as seeing it for yourself, so I suggest you check it out below. Thanks to Kotaku for finding this video by Emil and William on the YouTube account Videogames--I hope you all continue to upload your most ridiculous FIFA moments.

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