Amazon News Release: Twitter Now Allowing Followers To Add Products With AMAZON CART Hashtag? [VIDEO]

By Alex Wolfe , Updated May 05, 2014 01:34 PM EDT

In today's sign of the apocalypse, we have now gotten to a point in society where it's too big of an inconvenience to move from your Twitter app to your Amazon app to order a product.

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Amazon to the rescue! Starting today, by simply hashtagging #AmazonCart with the Twitter handle of your favorite product and an Amazon link, you can add it directly to your Amazon cart.

Here's exactly how you would go about doing this, in the simplest terms possible:

1. Go onto Twitter

2. If someone tweets an Amazon link, open the tweet

3. Reply to the tweet, and put #AmazonCart in the reply (#AmazonBasket if you're from the UK)

4. Whenever you go in your cart next, it'll be there

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It's probably going to take a while for this to catch on, because all of those ads that manufacturers send out will need to start including an Amazon link. As of right now, it seems like there's just a lot of people adding stuff to their carts by getting a friend to tweet an Amazon link and then adding it that way, which kind of defeats the purpose of it being easy.

That said, this is brilliant for Amazon. If this catches on and they can essentially corner the Twitter market entirely for themselves, this will be a huge coup. It's all going to hinge on just how much energy different companies put into tweeting out Amazon links.

Check out the video below, and let us know how many items are already hitting your cart.

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